Let’s check out some details to, one of the famous destination-“Macao” by Mr. Arzan Khambatta- Head of India Representative Office, Macao Government Tourism Office India.

Mr. Arzan Khambatta

1)      Highlight something about “Macao” to a traveler who is not well versed with the region?

“Macao can be best described as the ‘City of Duality’ because of the magnificent landscape, unique historical and archaeological Macanese culture that exists in complete harmony with the youthful and diversified experiences the destination has to offer. The city has a unique blend of Chinese and Portuguese culture and is the first thing that comes to one’s mind about the destination. The city is also known as Las Vegas of the east  for its widely popular casinos and nightlife. However, there is much more to Macao, which is evident by the splendid attractions varying across shopping, food, cultural events, grand properties, and entertainment avenues that it has to offer. During the day, you can simply stroll through the beautiful cobblestone streets of Senado Square, which links over twenty iconic monuments, like the A-Ma Temple, Moorish barracks, Ruins of St. Paul’s Church and Guia Fortress to name a few. When night falls, you can revel in Macao’s pulsating nightlife, casinos and spectacular entertainment shows like the House of Dancing Water. The festival’s, premier attractions and even the streets of Macao evoke this blend perfectly.

Apart from the historic sites and nightlife, adventure enthusiasts can also indulge in fun activities like bungee jumping at the famous Macao Tower and those looking for family activities one can enjoy panda watching at the Panda Pavilion, scientific games at the Science Center as well as the free shows like the Tree of Prosperity (Wynn Macao) and Fortune Diamond (Galaxy), which take place round the clock every 30 minutes. You can even go museum hopping to some of Macao’s famous museums like Macao Museum, the museum of Sacred Arts, the Grand Prix Museum and the Wine Museum.” exclaimed Mr. Arzan Khambata

2)      One specialty of Macao which makes it different from other neighboring countries & why?

Macao is also known as the ‘Las Vegas of The East’ because of its entertaining shows, nightlife and the casinos. It is also one of the most sought after destinations today for destination celebrations like weddings, honeymoons, Valentine’s Day and Birthdays. The art, cuisine and culture of Macao makes the destination an incredible place to visit. The added bonus is that Macao is only a five and a half hour flight away from India and you can visit the place without any visa hassle, as Indian travelers can avail visa on arrival, which is the best thing that can happen to last minute, spontaneous, solo or even group travelers who wish to relax and unwind.

3)      Any special cultural festival which you would want to share with us? 

Being a country that shares a rich Chinese and Portuguese history, Macao celebrates festivals year round. When it comes to cultural festivals the list is never ending! The cultural calendar of Macau begins from February when we celebrate The Chinese New Year. The Chinese associate each year with an animal and the celebrations and festivities around this time are very elaborate and amazing. During this time visitors can witness spectacular celebrations with dancing dragons, floating lights, fireworks and feel the festivity in the air. Macao’s Dragon boat race festival, the International Fireworks Festival, Fringe Festival and Parade through Latin city are some of the culturally infused festivals celebrated in Macao with a lot of pomp and zeal.

4) What about the food, Macao has to offer to a traveller? Tell us about your cuisines too?

When it comes to cuisine Macao is a haven for food lovers! From the traditional Chinese to local Macanese and Portuguese, food here is lip smacking tasty and exceptional. The most popular Macanese dishes are African Chicken (grilled in piri piri peppers), Tacho (a hearty stew of Chinese vegetables and different meats), Galinha Portuguesa (Chicken cooked in the oven together with potatoes, onions, egg and saffron). If you enter a Portuguese restaurant you could taste the Caldo Verde (green vegetable soup), Chourico (Portuguese sausage) and differently cooked Bacalhau (codfish) and sardines. Macao has some very succulent street food to die for, like the Portuguese egg tarts, the pork-chop buns and Portuguese seafood. You must also try the popular wine options in Macao, specially Dão, Borba and Ribatejo in red wines and João Pires for white. The tasty green wine (vinho verde) from Minho in the North of Portugal goes best with seafood. The most popular dessert of course are Jagra de ovos (sweet egg tart) and almond cookies. The list is can also try the delicious serradura or any of the convent sweets; barrigas de freira, papos de anjo, toucinho do céu, doce de ovos, etc.

5) Point out 3 things or places, a traveler must not miss while in your country?

The list of things every traveler must-do is never-ending. However, below are a few things which top the list:
1)      Dine at the revolving restaurant Café 360 degree on level 60 of the Macao Tower and enjoy the panoramic view of the Macao Skyline.

2)      Shopping for souvenirs and a stroll through the cobblestone streets of Senado Square. You can also cover some monuments, old churches and temples while you tour the city on foot.

3)      Macao is a city packed with entertainment and fantastic shows like ‘The House of Dancing Water’ at City of Dreams, which is a 90-minute water-based stage production. This spectacular show features a stage that transforms into different sets peopled by 80 gymnasts, circus artists, dancers, divers, actors, and motorcyclists

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