Flores Islands at Indonesia

Visiting Flores is an adventure, so leave behind any expectations of high-end accommodation, expensive restaurants & modern shopping malls. Here, everything is basic. However, don’t let this be a barrier to visit the Island. Its beauty makes up for everything.
Flores is most famous for “Komodo National Park”, home to the unique Komodo dragon, a monitor lizard of impressive size & appearance which attracts thousands of people to visit here from around the world.
Flores does not restrict itself to only Komodo; there are white sandy virgin beaches and enchanting views of sunsets which attract you like a magnet! It revives you away from the hustle bustle of daily life. Beautiful rice fields nestled amongst soft hilly landscapes, perfect for a laid back stroll; a concert of birdsong in lush coffee plantations to soothe the mind; a walk in the stone mirror cave; enjoy snorkelling or a swim in the beaches around after a muddy trek in the island.
 There are unlimited natural beauties waiting for you to discover here. It is a paradise for nature lovers.
 The magic of Flores comes from its people, who receive guests with heart-warming friendliness & an everlasting smile on their faces. 
P.S. The trip was hosted by Indonesia Tourism Board, New Delhi.  

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