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As a habit, before I visit anywhere I always do my research about the place, the hotel, food, etc. As I was going through my travel Itinerary sent for Taiwan by Taiwan Tourism Board. We were ofcourse visiting Taipei along with Hualien and Yilan too. I started surfing the net and checked the reviews for Hotel Leader Village, Taiwan. I was surprised with the pictures and was eagerly looking forward to my stay here. Whenever I visit any country, I am always interested to know about their culture and people. After the research, I was eagerly waiting for my stay in this hotel. It was unique and different than the rest of the hotels in many ways. I was sure to be overloaded with the information about the Taroko tribe, their culture, and people. It had a rural yet a classic look to it.

Hotel Overview

It is tucked away from the hustle bustle of the town and is in the lap of nature. If you are in Hualien city then you must make a visit to this awe-struck hotel. It is in the natural surroundings of Bruwan, Taiwan. The Leader Village is nestled amidst the rich Taroko National Park which is surely worth a visit. The Leader Village is amongst the few aboriginal hamlets which offer an authentic high quality “tribe” experience of the native Taroko tribes. It is designed as a tribal village; the property has a distinct traditional Tang Dynasty feel to it. For me, rustic ambience coupled with the finest hotel service was a refreshing change.

Imagine living in a nicely furbished wooden lodge, to the floor mattress bedding and the tribal arts adorning the rooms, the proximity to nature is evident in every corner of the hotel. There is also a balcony with chairs to have a magnificent view; a pink railing separating each lodge from the other and running down to a few steps, opening to a massive green lawn, the backdrop is of green mountains and an extension of the clear blue sky.. is surely nothing less than a postcard. You can hear the birds chirping in the morning, while you still laze around comfortably in your air-conditioned wooden cabin. This was exactly what I felt during my stay there. It was an exceptionally beautiful experience which I experienced here. Far different than other hotel experiences. The hotel is solely run by the aboriginal tribe or the Taroko tribe and the people are all very polite and friendly. I was completely overwhelmed and felt the stay brought down the pace of my life dramatically.

We had a sumptuous “Taroko cuisine” dinner. The food is excellent. After dinner, tribal performances were waiting for us. They perform their tribal dances and songs. The local villagers are the ones who participate in it. There are many small children too besides the adults who looked so delighted performing it. They believe in preserving their unique culture using indigenous instruments. The performance is truly a delicacy.


The accommodation comprises of the Grand-view Taroko Suite, the Grand-view Tribal Suite, and the Grand-view Chief Suite. Each suite comes adept with basic amenities and a guaranteed remarkable view. In addition to the family outing, The Leader Village also offers conference facilities which can handle a group of close to 100 people for the calm and serene environs. It brings you close to nature and opens your senses to the fresh and pure essence of existence. Once you enter- The leader Hotel, Taroko, you are assured to be left with a complete positive energy in you.

I carried amazing memories back home of Hotel Leader Village Taroko which was one of the best parts of my Taiwan Trip and I will surely cherish it for a lifetime. 

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  1. The architecture of this hotel is different from the brick and mortar buildings. Loved the wooden structure of rooms. The view from the hotel is also very beautiful.

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