Visit Hua Hin to witness a spectacular view of the Sky

Guess what surprise Thailand beholds for its visitors this time? I can assure you, those who will visit Hua Hin, Thailand now; their social media will be full of colourful pictures. Thailand- the land of wonders is also known for its famous International Kite Festival. This year it is hosted on March 23rd-25th 2018 at Army Non-Commissioned Officer School, Hua Hin, in the southern Thai province of Prachuap Khiri Khan. The festival which was started by the local Thai people but gradually it has spread its reach Internationally. This year, 20 kite flying teams have registered from all around the world, to showcase their skills. The teams are coming from Switzerland, Germany, France, Singapore, Netherlands, New Zealand, etc. Individuals and team contestants are ready to blend your imagination with giant kites of various shapes, superheroes and cartoon characters. The fliers will be seen to compete and show off their high-speed flying skills.

There will be a lot of excitement stored for the visitors. Apart from the exciting displays of aerial expertise, guests will be able to participate in kite-making, DIY, Boomerang and many other workshops. Chula and Pak Pao show will also be there & will demonstrate unique Thai kites dancing to the complementing Thai classical music “Pi Phat”. Not only this, the wind garden brilliantly showcases the work of professionals who have devoted their time to decorate the area with kites, wind-playing arts, etc that could be moved by the wind leaving the visitors in an awe.

The visitors also get the chance to taste the authentic cuisine of Hua Hin at food trucks. They can also choose to further visit the kite exhibition where they can see colourful kites, ornaments, utility items and much local handcrafted art from the weekend market which is a sale. The International Kite Festival is a perfect place to spend a relaxed time with friends and family and enjoy the beautiful ambience of Hua Hin.

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