A collaboration of Korea Tourism Organization with Cox & Kings and Femina Miss India winners to reveal beautiful South Korea.

Unveil the beauty of the hidden gems of South Korea

South Korea is a country with diverse landscapes, colourful cultures and traditions, in addition to its much popular nightlife & advanced technology.  It is well known amongst the tourists. From super high-speed internet to free WiFi and remote-controlled doors to be the birthplace of big names like Hyundai, LG and Samsung, this digitally-linked country has the most votes for being the promised land of the future.

With an aim to promote South Korea as a memorable tourist destination, Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) in association with Cox & Kings Ltd is organizing a FAM trip for Miss India 2018 winner Ms. Anukreethy Vas and 1st Runner-up Ms. Meenakshi Chaudhary to create Miss India Travel Diaries called the #18 Reasons to Visit South Korea.

To support this initiative, Gyeonggi Tourism Organization, Seoul Tourism Organization and Jeju Tourism Organization have joined hands with KTO to build awareness around South Korea among Indian tourists.   


Ms. Anukreethy, Femina Miss India World 2018 when asked about Korea, expressed her excitement & said,

“I am pretty excited about this trip as its going to be my first time in Korea. I was told that 2% of Koreans have Indian DNA, that is so exciting, I can already feel a certain connection. Besides that, we have been hearing so much about Korea, about its culture, its technological prowess, its trendy lifestyle, it’s culinary, its people and so much more. I am really looking forward to this tour.”

She further added,

“As the title holder of Miss India 2018, I realise the significance of this trip, the impact it would make back home in India, particularly amongst the Millennials who look up to us as role models. I also realise that we, India & Korea have a lot of similarities in our cultures –  like Indians, Koreans respect their elders wholeheartedly, similarities in our histories and even economies – the way both our countries graduated from an agro-based economy to a modern industrialised economy. I’ll be happy if I can convince more Indians to come to explore Korea, and likewise if more Koreans can come to explore our country to promote cultural exchange and tourism.”

Meenakshi Chaudhary, Femina Miss India Grand International 2018, said,

“I am so eagerly awaiting to experience everything I have been hearing about Korea. I am looking forward to experiencing the traditional Korean culture, its cuisine, the fashion, the nightlife and many more. I will be happy if I can influence a lot of Indians to come to explore this beautiful country. I hope and believe that this initiative manages to bring in a positive change in bringing more tourists to Korea from India.”

Mr. Jong Sool Kwon, Director Korea Tourism Organization New Delhi said

“South Korea is a hidden gem waiting to be explored – futuristic cities, advanced technology, buzzing nightlife, legendary food, K-Pop dramas, high-quality cosmetics and much more. I would like to welcome Miss India to experience all of this and influence traveler’s aspirations to visit South Korea during the upcoming holiday season.”

May it be a culture lover or a foodie or an adventure lover, South Korea definitely has something unique to offer to travellers throughout the world. Here is TravelJingles wishing them all the best for a fantastic trip to South Korea.

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