About Us



I have my own “Jingles of travel”. I carry a dream in my eyes to travel the Globe. I know, the dream is extraordinary but when the desires are strong, you can achieve anything. A positive person who loves to talk & who knows how to enjoy each day. I love exploring new places & discovering about new culture & people. This wanderlust has been growing within me each passing day.

Come, travel with me.. Let ’s exchange the ideas. 

I am a hardcore media sales-professional, having an experience of over 13 years in the field.  I have worked with Big Media Houses like- CNBC; India Today; The Times Of India (Femina, Filmfare, Hello, Grazia); Mail Today; Hindustan Times in the past. I am always open to learning new things & adding more knowledge to myself, this keeps me on pace with life. I am a foodie but only dig into food if something unique & different is in store. I love chocolates & shopping like a girl next door, I am a big spend-thrift & have a fetish for footwear. We have one life, why not do what you love doing? that’s my attitude toward living life. I have travelled many countries- Nepal, Thailand, Dubai, Malaysia, Japan, Mauritius, Indonesia, Singapore etc. Every country I travel, I love collecting small mugs & glasses with that country’s flag painted on it, to add to the collection. There is still so much to explore in this one life.

God has always walked with me to show me the right path. I love meeting new people & my job satisfies me with it. My every day dealing with various clients from various segments, from corporate or travel; luxury or fashion; retail or jewellery; excites me. I love taking new challenges, and targets keep me on move. I have many passions but travel completes me in all positive ways.

Travel to me is food for my soul. It gives me inner peace & tranquillity. For me, travelling is precious than money. Money, eventually you will earn. Travel makes me richer & wealthier by adding the experience of various cultures & traditions which are untold & under-folds.

As much as I travel, there are stones which are still upturned & untouched. I love writing & sharing my experiences. Penning down my travel experiences helps me to grow as a better person. I become calm & composed within my own aura. The world is charming around me. Be it my own motherland, India or various continents around me; all are inimitable & diverse in their own way. Mighty mountains & hills looks gorgeous with countless shades of green; striking birds chirping on the branches in the deep jungles; snow covered white lofty sky touching mountains; deep seas & gorges with various colours of blue; gazing at the night sky, embedded with million stars, seeming like a black sheet with diamonds embodied to it. Sun playing hide and seek game with the clouds; fog covering the hills with its charming beauty; rains & snowflakes making a quaint noise when kissing the ground. All stands diverse from one continent to another. Come, I will take you through my travel dairy..Join in for some extra-ordinary & different travel tales. 

If you too have a common passion like mine of travelling, then keep following me. Let’s create the magic!