A blast from The Diplomatic Conclave

Testimonials from the Diplomats

Claudio Ansorena The Ambassador of Costa Rica to India.

We have had a productive relationship with TravelJingles  and this was taken a notch up with the Diplomatic conclave. This event had a wide reach with a great audience and discussions. The outcome of the Diplomatic conclave resonated well with the vision and mission of our country Costa Rica. I wish them all the best and luck to continue with their great work.

H.E. Freddy Svane The Ambassdor of Denmark to India.

It was one of the finest conclave’s I have attended. We could exchange our ideas on organic living and importance of nature. Cycling is very famous in Denmark as it saves the environment from getting polluted. I enjoyed talking about this and promoting this in India. TravelJingles curated the entire Diplomatic Conclave in a flawless and highly professional manner. I congratulate the team of TravelJingles for hosting such a successful event.

Gonchig Ganbold, The Ambassador of Mongolia to India.

Diplomats and missions do have universal purpose of disseminating information of their own countries and learn of and introduce the countries wherein they are accredited to the public in order to facilitate understanding and encourage collaborations. However, when as everyone is confined with phone-calls, webinar and virtual meetings due to “Covid-19” induced lockdown and travels restriction the recent event of Diplomatic Conclave hosted by Smt. Hitasha Mehra, editor-in-chief of the Travel Jingles magazine was wonderful experience in a way of enriching our knowledge in concise way and trigger a new ideas on our respective features and common challenges. This kind of engagements involving audiences from diverse walks of society including youths, women, intelligentsia and business community ought to be continued occasionally.

Juan Angulo The Ambassador of Chile to India

Happy to have participated in the Diplomatic Conclave 2021 since it was a very good opportunity to share with friends and a selected audience about Chile’s offer as a touristic destination and also what the country is doing in terms of developing sustainable tourism, both with the local communities and in terms of preservation of the environment.  Thanks to Travel Jingles to offer us this opportunity.

Asein Isaev The Ambassador of the Kyrgyz Republic

First of all, I would like to express my sincere appreciation to the TravelJingles team and personally for Hitasha Mehra for organizing a Diplomatic Conclave, a platform for networking, interaction and exchange of lessons learnt during Covid – 19 pandemic.

It was a pleasure to attend this special event and I would like to highlight the dynamic sessions, very active, interesting, and well organized and great to share experiences with all my colleagues from other diplomatic missions.

It is my sincere belief that this partnership will be further strengthened in the years to come.

I wish your luck will always give you inspirations to achieve more success and wishing to the TravelJingles team a great success in every step you take.

Reuben Gauci The High Commissioner of the Republic of Malta

It was my greatest pleasure, as High Commissioner of Malta to India to participate in the Diplomatic Conclave organized by The Embassy Magazine-Travel Jingles on 13 March 2021. I must say that I am impressed by the energy being shown here in India, even in the face of adversity. This Diplomatic Conclave thought me that we should all stay positive to a lot of things, except to COVID19 and other diseases. I am sure that the energy transmitted by this Conclave will give us all a better Karma for the future.

“Long live India, Malta and the rest of the world. “

Baraka H. Luvanda High Commissioner of Tanzania to India

The best Diplomatic Conclave I have ever participated. It was well organized, and full of information sharing. We enjoyed every minute of it. We were made to freely interact with the audience through first hand information about each ones respective travel destination.

The questions asked by the moderator were well crafted and generated interesting informative answers. The event coverage was spectacular and has made a lot of interest from the attendees who are likely to make their future travels once the Covid-19 pandemic is over.

Long live TravelJingles!

Hayet Talbi, The Ambassador of Tunisia to India

I would like to take this opportunity to extend my gratitude to the entire team of TravelJingles Magazine for organizing Diplomatic Conclave held on 13th March 2021, at The Lodhi Hotel, New Delhi. It was a pleasant experience being a part of the event. Your efforts in organizing the event were commendable. I appreciate the constructive exchange during the panel discussion I had with the other Ambassadors and High Commissioners present at the Event.

While appreciating your cooperation, wish you success always. May this journey of success continue in the coming years.  I hope that the relationship continues mutually fruitful in future also.

COULIBALY D. Hervé The Head of Consular Affairs, Embassy of Burkina Faso New Delhi

It was my real pleasure for being invited to the Ambassadors panel which has been organized by “The Ambassy Magazine-TRAVEL JINGLES” on Saturday 13th March 2021 at the Lodhi New Delhi. At this wonderful panel, rich in relevant questions and answers, the selected Ambassadors have fluently presented the business and tourist opportunities of their countries. The guest list included many diplomats from different countries. I have really appreciated the event named “Diplomatic Conclave” which deserves to be repeated at least every year.