Aamod Resorts- A luxury destination near Shimla

Aamod Resorts

My small interaction session with Mr. Gaurav Jain, owner of “Aamod Resorts” a chain of 8 properties in various locations in North India currently & dream to make it big with many more in the coming years.
The current Hotels are-
Himachal Pradesh- Shimla, Dalhousie, Manali & Narkanda
Delhi Ncr-Manesar

Gaurav is a highly educated person, who has done his degree in engineering & also possesses MBA to his education portfolio (IIM Kolkotta). With no background of Hospitality but did a small project on tourism during his education days, as tourism always fascinated him. He has worked a couple of years in UK with corporates like – consumer goods,chemicals & companies like Unilever, Marks & Spencer.
This Hotelier is rather a simple & down-to-earth man who comes with extremely rich work experience with him.

Mr. Gaurav Jain

My inquisitiveness started boiling within me, to know the meaning of “Aamod” to which Gaurav replied with a smile on his face, it means “Joy”.

Gaurav, I have these 5 questions for you & he exclaimed “Sure” & here we started-

  1. How & what was your Idea to start up with “Aamod Resorts”? Check out Gaurav’s Video to know his answer to this.

2.Which is your signature property amongst the lot? Gaurav immediately replied “Aamod-Shoghi”‘ as this was his 1st property which was started about 5 years back.He has seen alot of ups & downs with this baby of his,to make it grow to what it is today! When he stated, there were alot of challenges.There are in total 20 cottages in “Aamod-Shoghi”& all are scattered in the beauty of the lush green jungles, uphill & downhill. Keeping in mind, he maintained the privacy to each cottage. Restaurant is not in the centre of the cottages.Rather,it’s right in the beginning as soon as enter the resort.”So any room service order,is to be served hot,was a challenge keeping in mind the chillness in the air” he added.Old couples who resist walking or people with knee problem was also a problem. The staff has worked in a positive way & created a benchmark over all these problems. In 5 years things are quite smooth & running.

3.What are you doing to get the tourism to come & stay with “Aamod”?
They have been participating a lot in trade fairs,Online travel portals & travel agents are a big help.Besides this, referrals play a major role for their business.”If one guest family goes happy from here, they refers another” Gaurav exclaimed.Majorly we have groups coming from families.Basically, 75% of business comes through referrals & Travel Agents gives the rest of  25% of the share.
4.What are your future plans in terms of expanding & where do you see “Aamod” in next 5 years?
“Today, Aamod is 8 properties with more than 200 rooms.I want to expand with 10 more properties & making it up to 600 room chain by 2020” Gaurav exclaimed.
5. What are the 5 Best things you would want to share about “Aamod”(any specific property)?
  • Gaurav shared He believes in small things to give happiness.He keeps telling his staff to work on the concept of  giving “choti choti khushiyan to his guests.”. A good eg-he shared was setting up dinner under the bright stars where oxygen is already pure in greenery around you.
  • He has always kept the location in mind-which is somewhere in the outskirts of the main town retaining it’s boutique nature.”Aamod Shoghi” is about 16 kms before the main Shimla Town,same is the case with Manali & many other of his resorts. Little away from the hush bush of routine life, finding yourself drolled in complete nature..chirping of birds, with sun cutting through the deep oaks jungles.
  • Guests should enjoy the location & not the tourism sports.They want their guests to be busy with many indoor activities like rappelling, Paintball,  long walks in jungles. Spa treatment which totally rejuvenates you amidst the lush greenery & the aroma around you.
  • Gaurav said-“My team takes their own decisions & I am happy the way they work”.He has excellent staff who are willing to help you wherever possible, My mom has a little knee problem to walk uphill.In no time she was provided with a Car who drove her right near to our cottage #Room No.101. I could see his staff is very happy with him.
  • Majority of  the resorts are easily accessible. His resort in Shoghi(Shimla), Bhimtal, Manesar(Delhi ncr) & Sariska can be visited even for a day or a weekend relaxation from Delhi.

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