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The Embassy Magazine TravelJingles

TravelJingles is a print Embassy Magazine, where we interview Ambassadors & High Commissioners on travel. We cover important aspects including Embassy news, Embassy events (National Day celebrations, cultural events, etc.). We also talk about India as a travel destination. TravelJingles Media acts as a bridge between Diplomats, Corporates and Travellers. The readers of the magazine are Ambassadors, High-Commissioners and other high-ranked Diplomats. TravelJingles magazine is also read by Indian HNI’s, who prefer luxury and travel. The magazine is circulated to all Embassies, High-Commissions, Luxury Hotels and Delhi Golf Club.

Contact us for any Embassy collaborations at traveljingles@gmail.com

Founder & Editor

Hitasha Mehra Sharma is the Founder & Editor of the Embassy Magazine TravelJingles. She has experience of 16+ years in Media. Traveling and exploring new places always intrigued her and remained her first love. She loves travelling, meeting people, knowing about various cultures, exploring new cuisines. She also speaks Spanish besides English, Hindi and Punjabi.

She started her career with CNBC – Network 18 in the editorial team, shifted to India Today Group in the Ad-sales division. Post this, she got an opportunity to join Times of India’s magazine division, World Wide Media. Under this group, she was worked for Femina, Filmfare, Hello, Grazia, Good Homes for a few years. She also worked for events such as Filmfare Awards, to get the sponsors. Now, was a time to experience a new work place, Hindustan Times. After being there for a short stint, she felt she was not happy doing what she was doing as learning came to a halt.

With work experience and exposure, learning still remained the key criteria to overcome challenges and hurdles in her career. She had a flare towards writing. Hence, as a hobby she started a blog on BlogSpot and started writing her experiences on travel. From here, life changed for her.

Unknown to what the future holds for her, with a dream and vision in her eyes to travel the world. With relations and her diverse experience on the professional front, she now successfully owns and runs a print publication, The Embassy Magazine-TravelJingles. It is a well-known magazine in Diplomatic Corp.

Hitasha made her passion of travel and meeting people her profession. The magazine made her travel to over 15 countries and innumerable trips within India. From experience of jumping in the turquoise water of Mauritius in a submarine, getting down to a 100 meters in the Indian Ocean to experiencing an awe-striking view of Mt. Fuji in Japan; living on a water villa in a premium hotel in Maldives to an adrenaline rush visit to the Komodo Island, Indonesia and much more has been experienced and enjoyed by her.

She has also been associated with Amity University as a panellist, speaking on mass communication. She feels it is important to be a story teller especially when traveling adds more knowledge to you about various cultures & places and fuels her zeal.