A new baby on-board at the Maldives’s South Ari Atoll- Nova Maldives


Nova, an all-natural island provides its guests with an experience that would energize their souls and spark joy. Stationed in the heart of South Ari Atoll, the resort guests get the benefits of experiencing the very exclusive diving points with the common sightings of whale sharks, Mantra Sharks, shipwrecks etc. The property is located at a point where in-season whale sharks are guaranteed to be sighted, which happens to be limited to only a few destinations


Swimming along with the gentle marine life is a wholesome experience on its own. Not only the thrilling experiences, but Nova also takes care of their guests’ cravings with their all-day dining buffet, and with their restaurant Flames. The all- natural island is a perfect spot to be at, for couples, family, friends or even solo. A relaxing stay with private terraces, tropical-inspired ambiance, endless views, beautiful sunset etc. Nova makes sure to provide their guests with spectacular experiences.