Food & Drink


Our stay at the Intercontinental Danang Resort, with its gorgeous hillside location near the sea, was captivating. You will undoubtedly fall in love with its breathtaking scenery and the delicious cuisines served here. The resort curated an exclusive Vietnamese coffee tasting session for us. 

Have you ever heard or been tempted to taste the exquisite egg coffee? Yes, the coffee flavours include the Hanoi’s egg coffee, southern Vietnamese coconut coffee, and Central Vietnamese salt coffee. Vietnamese coffee is well known for it’s coffee & the oodles of ice cubes and condensed milk added, for delicious cold coffee! 

Among our innumerous experiences at the resort, which made our heart fall in love with Intercontinental Danang. This one was really special.

The resort’s coffee-tasting experience reveals the secrets of traditional local brews. The egg coffee, prepared with the egg yolks are whipped with milk and sugar, mixed with boiling coffee. The coffee can be served hot or cold, offering varying experiences of delight in both ways.

A type of regular coffee with salt added, is a unique blend that balances the bitterness of coffee with its visual appeal making it a more effective flavouring compared to other spices.

Vietnamese people also blend coconut fat with coffee bitterness for flavour and add dry coconut to enhance the drink’s complexity. This one was one of our favourite.

This exclusive coffee tasting ceremony will ignite your taste buds for an explosion of Vietnam coffee flavours. This was a hands-on session where if you wish, you can also try out brewing the coffee and adding the variation and flavours with skilled baristas.