Launch of the first Hukuru Ufaa event at Ozen Reserve Bolifushi.

A Maldivian artisan bazaar welcomes you.

Ozen Reserve Bolifushi, an exclusive brand that promises to curate exceptional experiences rooted in indigenous culture with the soulful ‘Hukuru Ufaa’ – launched in March 2022. Hukuru Ufaa offers an authentic glimpse into the Maldivian way of life. Every week on Friday evening, three different craftsmen are invited to the resort to showcase their craftsmanship in the elegant island bazaar. It has also been conceived as a platform to support established and emerging Maldivian artists.

A bohemian vibe sets the aura of the place with charming displays of intricate jewellery, handloom handicrafts, and a one-to-one conversation with the local artists. Dhoni-shaped display platforms and food stations mirroring Badhiges (traditional kitchens in the Maldives) transform the Ozar poolside deck and beach.

Luisa Lalli, General Manager of Ozen Reserve Bolifushi, says “It is with the spirit of preserving Maldivian culture, that we launched our first Hukuru Ufaa event. Bolifushi Island offers an enriching island lifestyle. We seek to facilitate moments of connection with nature, people, and culture that spark conversations and create deeper, more meaningful immersions into the destination. For a truly rewarding travel experience.”

There will be live sessions by the craftsmen with live musical acts to bring the local flavours of culture alive. The guests can enjoy the authentic Maldivian, Indian, and Sri Lankan aperitifs while they walk around to appreciate the art displays. At the heart of this culinary experience is a Maldivian dish, a new one curated, executed and served by a local chef each week. 

One can easily reach Ozen Reserve Bolifushi in a 20 minutes luxury catamaran service from Male Airport and surround themselves with a soulful experience of the white sandy beaches.