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The Culinary Escape Begins

Torii, Gauri Khan’s progressive Asian restaurant, flawlessly mixes worldwide Asian influences. Torii is designed to be an immersive, engaging place with an innovative menu and a technique-driven, yet playful bar program. Gauri Khan’s design expertly blends the interior and outdoor spaces at Torii, resulting in a seamless fluidity that improves the whole dining experience. Her particular design sense is evident in the restaurant’s colour scheme.

Chef Stefan Gadit created Torii’s intriguing new menu, which features dishes inspired by his Canadian upbringing, Indian-Jewish heritage, and a completely global approach to cuisine. Chef Gadit and his staff take customers on a culinary adventure, presenting their palates to a variety of flavours. We have compiled a list of Torii’s Signature Dishes that should not be missed this summer:

The menu features a variety of dishes including yakiniku lobster, spicy salmon roll, truffle mushroom ramen, and charred broccoli, each with unique flavours and garnishes, including chives, chives, and sesame seeds.

Torii, is a harmonious restaurant with progressive Asian cuisine, a versatile layout, and a signature aesthetic, showcasing Khan’s ability to transform spaces into unforgettable experiences.