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The First International Inclusion Alliance 2024

The International Inclusion Alliance Conference 2024, organized by Global DEI Specialist Shruti Swaroop and Honorary Consul General Dr. Neeraj A Sharma, brought together global diplomats, corporate leaders, academicians, and advocates for critical discussions and collaborative action.Chief Guest Ms. Meenakshi Lekhi, Minister of State for External Affairs and Culture, highlighted India’s commitment to promoting inclusivity and diversity. She emphasized the country’s mission to embrace everyone and bridge economic, political, and social divides. India has championed inclusion, lifting millions out of poverty, advancing healthcare, and sharing vaccines with the world.

The IIA conference aims to create a more inclusive, cooperative world through inclusion, rooted in India’s Constitution and civilization’s values. Panelists include Geeta L, D.r. Sabyasachi Saha, Pooja O. Murada, Manisha Gulati, and Dr. Nirupama Prakash, discussing the importance of inclusion within India.

Shruti Swaroop, Founder of Embrace Consulting and InclusiBuild, emphasized the importance of promoting societal inclusion and dismantling perceptions of differences based on gender, nationality, education, appearance, and affiliations. Ambassadors, High Commissioners, and Honorary Consul Generals from various countries discussed fostering inclusivity within their borders, enriching dialogue and promoting global cooperation.