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A Rendezvous with the Technology Maestro

Canon India markets a comprehensive range of sophisticated contemporary digital imaging products and solutions in India. If you are a traveller and tech-savvy, then a DSLR camera is a must for you! No wonder, they are world leaders in imaging technologies. The brand contributes towards minimizing the environmental burden, through the effective application of green technologies and much more. 

TravelJingles in a conversation with Manabu Yamazaki, President and CEO, Canon India.

Canon India recently launched its latest EOS R series marvel ‘EOS R6 Mark II’ camera. What are Canon India’s expansion plans for this year? 

The ‘DRAMAGIC’ EOS R6 Mark II launch was indeed a big one for us, showcasing the best for both photography and videography. At Canon, it is our constant endeavour to leverage industry trends and create imaging technology that empowers users. Off late, we have witnessed great diversification of customer segments for our products, and ever since then we have been strategically catering to these evolving needs. Inspiring emerging segments like vlogging, online education or live-streaming religious sermons, this year we will focus on bolstering our presence further in the mirrorless segment and introduce new wonders for amateurs, professional photographers and videographers to excel in their fields. 

In this technically savvy world, fancy mobile phones and their cameras have over-driven DSLR cameras. What are your views on it? 

Consumers are using smartphones to capture everyday moments, and this has helped in increasing the photography culture. Once they have realised their interest towards photography, the obvious next step is to upgrade their device to move ahead in their journey. Photography is all about detailing and users want more from the gadget. And that is where they begin to understand the limitations of mobile phone cameras when it comes to nuanced professional photography and move to professional cameras to get that much needed quality difference. Our focus is to address the needs and demands of consumers who want to advance from basic smartphone photography to the professional realm including photography and videography enthusiasts, hobbyists, amateurs, Vloggers, content creators and professionals amongst others. 

Tell us about the initiative of Canon India’s ‘Green Environment Together’. 

Canon India strongly advocates giving back to mother nature, for which, along with taking care of the business and the customers, it takes care of the environment too. The ‘Green Environment Together’ (GET) Initiative was launched by Canon India as a positive step towards nurturing the environment. As part of the initiative, Canon India plants a tree on the purchase of laser copier/ multi-function Device (MFD) on behalf of its direct customers. Green Environment Together initiative has enabled us to create an ecosystem with our customers where we can build a greener and better future together.

Such initiatives allow us to drive meaningful impact and help nurture a sustainable tomorrow that makes our communities future ready. Our ‘Kyosei’ philosophy which refers to ‘living and working together for the common good’ is at the heart of these efforts and forms the basis of Canon’s commitment to act responsibly across supply chains, within the communities we operate in, as well as through the products we develop.

Which is your favourite travelled destination in the world. (1 word).

Hong Kong.

Which is your favourite gadget and why? 

My own electric piano. It emulates over 500 different instruments/noises and is so much fun to play with.