Travel sustainably with the German National Tourist Office

The tourism industry is actively taking part in fulfilling its responsibility towards society, not lagging behind the German National Tourist Office. The official representative office of the German National Tourist Board in India has also taken action on ways to be more sustainable in their operations and services. By the means of their marketing campaigns, the GNTO has made them acquainted with the sustainable natural landscapes, Green Cities and rural areas that Germany has to offer.

We give you some examples of how some stakeholders have adopted the sustainable ways  

German islands on the way to sustainable living

Adopting a sustainable way of living, the Juist Island has swapped their mode of transportation from cars to horse-drawn carriages or the people either walk or ride a bike to move around the island.

Urban Gardening and Green Spaces

Some of the industrial and public harbors have been turned into gardening and green spaces. A former parking garage has been converted into a garden where many fruits and vegetables are grown, likewise Munich, a rustic farm, and the Olympic Park have been converted into organic supermarkets and sustainability units respectively. 

Green Hotels – Focus on Zero Carbon

The hotels in Germany have also joined the ‘Go Green’ initiative and done their part by implementing eco-friendly operations. The “Atlantic Hotel Sail City in Bremerhaven possesses beehives on the rooftop to that produce organic honey which the hotel uses in their menu along with the products that are all organically grown by the local farmers.