Varu by Atmosphere is recognized by Green Globe Certification

VARU by Atmosphere, a 5-star resort in Malé Atoll, has been awarded the Green Globe Recertification for its sustainable operations, blending local traditions and tropical vibes.Green Globe acknowledges organizations that exhibit a robust dedication to sustainable management, social responsibility, cultural heritage, economic stability, and environmental conservation.

Regarding this latest certification, Mei P Pun the General Manager of VARU by Atmosphere says, “Sustainability is at the core of our philosophy ‘Joy of Giving,’ and we believe in genuine, impactful changes. The goal is to create delightful guest’s experiences, while remaining respectful towards the local environment and community. For example, as part of biodiversity conservation, we are working towards building a coral garden. A frame of corals has been successfully tested, and the program will be launched this year”.

VARU resort promotes economic empowerment and community belonging through community initiatives like ‘Give Back Day’ and ‘K. Huraa island’ trips. They prioritize environmental conservation through energy-saving measures and recycling partnerships. The resort prioritizes sustainability for long-term business growth. The Atmosphere Colleague Development Program develops high performers, audits water use, encourages reuse, uses grey water, and engages in reef and island cleaning.