A New Tourist Attraction in Jerusalem, Israel

A new suspension bridge that links Mount Zion and the Valley of Hinnom is now open in Jerusalem. The 202-meter-long bridge, which is now usable, is the longest suspension bridge in Israel. It is open to pedestrians every day from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. at no cost. With the bridge, a new walking path may be used to visit the holy places while also taking in the natural beauty of the valley that surrounds the Old City of Jerusalem from the south. 

The City of David National Park, the Sultan’s Pool, and the dining and retail district in and around the former station building HaTakhana HaRishona are some of the surrounding tourist attractions. 

Tourism Minister Haim Katz is pleased with the opening of the suspension bridge: “We built this bridge with its spectacular view to improve the tourist offer in this area. The summer vacation that has just started is a great opportunity for locals and visitors to get to know this special place. We will continue to invest in promoting Jerusalem as a tourist destination.”

“The suspension bridge is an asset to tourism in the city,” said Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Leon. “Jerusalem is the main city in Israel that continues to improve its tourist attractions and invests millions in the development of tourism in the city, for both domestic and foreign visitors. I invite everyone to visit Jerusalem.”