Food & Drink

A piece of Art on the Platter

Every country has its cultures, values, attractions and foods. When on a trip, filling your stomach and satisfying your taste buds both at the same time becomes a sort of task. We make it easy for you by giving out one food from each country that is a must-try and will lessen your burden of searching for the right food to please your taste. 


Rice-stuffed peppers originated from  La Safor region (Valencia) is a remarkable dish from Spain. Catering to the taste buds of the vegan gang, the dish does not fail the non vegetarians. It serves as a light first course meal and is packed with flavours, very versatile and can be twisted to suit anyone’s taste.


Bahraini Halwa served with traditional Arabic coffee is what can truly appease your taste buds. This jelly-like sugary delight is an integral part of the Bahraini culture, combining cashew and almonds. It is said that a trip without trying this dish is incomplete.


Nasi Goreng, the Indonesian fried rice, works with the idea of using up the leftover white rice and turning it into a cuisine with a mix of sweet, savory and spicy. This very versatile dish serves flavour and can be combined with anything such as shredded chicken, sausage, fish or simply cucumber and egg. 


Jamaica Jerk Fish

The Jamaican jerk pork famous for its rich cultural taste is a must have in Jamaica. This dish is made of flavourful pimento wood, with pick Peppa sauce and festival bread.  The pork in the delicacy can also be swapped with chicken or fish to suit the taste of every group.


Dhal Puri from Mauritius, though Indian in its roots is the most popular street food in Mauritius. The Indian puri is fried unleavened bread, however, the Mauritian puri is more of a paratha stuffed with Dhal mixture. The dish can be enjoyed as a stand-alone or even on the side with curries.


Monaco’s gastronomy tributes to the French, Italian, Mediterranean & Vegan cuisines. The finger- licking worth Italian dish, Milanese escalope from Monaco will be sure to leave you satisfied. This breaded veal rib chop fried in butter, full of flavors is usually served with french fries. This dish indulges and maintains the Italian element in it.


One of the exemplary dishes from Korea, bibimbap is made with various marinated vegetables and stir-fried meat or shitake mushrooms. Served with warm white rice, this stomach-filling dish will not leave you dissatisfied. The name Bibimbap comes from the Korean terms “bibim” meaning “mix” and “bap” which means “rice”.


The pastel de nata (custard tart) from Portugal will even the non-sweet lovers crave more. The rich flavourpack delicacy is a perfect blend of cream and crisp. These tarts are a part of the traditional Portugal recipes and are a must-have when one visits the country.


One of the traditional Thai desserts is the creamy coconut-flavored rice topped with caramelized papaya slices. This flavourful sweet rice pudding is also a dessert option for the health-conscious group. Serving a creamy texture with the natural sweetness from papaya this bowl will have you with contented tummies.