Ambassador Interviews

An archipelago in the central Mediterranean region

It is a nation that has some of the Oldest Structures in the World!

An awe-strikingly beautiful coastline, number of diving spots which can definitely make Malta a go-to travel destination in the world. Check out more about the nation in a vis-à-vis with the High Commissionner of The Republic of Malta to India.

H.E. Mr. Reuben Gauci, High Commissioner of the Republic of MALTA to INDIA

Tell us the 3 must do things in Malta?

There are many things to do I Malta. The first thing which comes in my mind are the people who are very warm and hospitable like Indians. Next, one must make a visit to the beautiful beaches as the weather is amazing around the year. Coming to third must do thing, Maltese history is one of the oldest known for the Roman remains, rich monuments, culture, building made by the Britishers and smaller Islands of Gozo are a must visit.

Travel to you is –


What do you like the most in India?

The most I like about India are the people. They are very warm & welcoming like Maltese. India is a country of diversity it has variation in Culture & Landscapes. It is mystique in many ways. I like the religion and spirituality of Indians . Mountains and Beaches of India are very beautiful, I have travelled to Rajasthan, Haridwar, Jharkhand, and wish to travel to upper Himalaya- Ladakh and beaches of Goa & Kerala and many other parts of India.

Which is your favourite destination besides Malta you wish to travel with your family on vacations?

India of course! As I like the Indian people and the Indian culture. I wish to explore many new places with my family.