An Inquisitive insight into Vietnam

Discover the exclusiveness of Vietnam by exploring the very unique Vietnamese museums.

One can learn about the history and culture of a country simply by visiting their museums. Vietnam houses many such exclusive museums that are sure to grab your attention. We give you five such museums ranging from the war remnants to tarot and Demonology themes that will leave you wanting to explore more.

Vietnamese Women's Museum

The Vietnamese Women’s Museum is a gender museum located in Hanoi, Ly Thuong Kiet Street. Introduced and run by the Woman’s Union of Vietnam, the museum esteems the Vietnamese women and their contributions to Vietnamese society thus promoting gender equality. The museum exhibits approximately 40,000 artifacts, special exhibitions, and a mesmeric audio guide. The display of flamboyant spiritual rituals of Mother Goddess Worship makes it to UNESCO’s intangible cultural heritages to protect, list. 

Tarot museum

Bảo Tàng Tarot, the Tarot Museum is located in Can Tho City of Vietnam. The museum has expertise in Lithotherapy, Cartomancy, and Demonology. Displaying materials from the 15th to 21st century which includes the Fortune Telling Cards (Tarot and Oracles decks), Historical Books and Documents on Cartomancy, Art of Cardmaking and Decoration of Fortune Telling Cards; Amulets and Talismans and Magical Tools; Lithotherapy Crystals and Charmestones; Demonological and Sacred Books and Haunted Objects.

War Remnants Museum

Being one of the most popular museums in Vietnam with around half a million visitors every year, The War Remnants Museum located in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) showcases unexploded ordnance from the wars, It also exhibits the military equipment from the First Indo China War and the Vietnam War. The museum contains several themed rooms, and also displays the UH-1 ‘Huey’ helicopter, an F-5A fighter,  M48 Patton tank, and an A-1 Skyraider attack bomber.

Art in Paradise Danang

Art in Paradise Danang in Danang city is the 6th member of the Art in Paradise Global Group – The Largest 3D Museum Group in the World. With 3-Dimensional backdrop paintings from 20 Korean artists with all the paintings painted by hand, the museums provide its visitors with the scope to be a part of the art and get their pictures clicked. The paintings in the museum are all made by combining scientific and three-dimensional techniques.

Hoa Lò Prison Museum

The former Hoa Lo Prison, located in Hanoi is also known as the Hanoi Hilton. The museum houses the exhibits of the French treatment of Vietnamese prisoners and the U.S. soldiers and pilots who were provided shelter during the Vietnam War. The museum, along with the exhibits, holds a guillotine room dedicated to the original equipment that was used while carrying out the executions back in the day.