Bilateral Trading

An Interaction with H.E. Mr. Robert Maxian Ambassador of the Slovak Republic to India

Indo-Slovak relations

Relations between Slovakia and India are stronger than ever before. Both our countries share the values of democracy, rule of law and multilateral responses to global challenges. Our foreign ministers have met four times in the last 20 months. Minister of Foreign and European Affairs of Slovakia J. Blanár visited India along with his State Secretary R. Chovanec and 22 members of the business delegation in February 2024. 

The other visit of the External Affairs Minister of India Dr. S. Jaishankar to Slovakia was in June 2022. This high-level political dialogue facilitates trade and investments.

In 2023 our business recorded 859 mil. Euro and it will cross 1 bil. Euro soon. Slovakia exports to India passenger cars, bearings and machineries and buys from India auto parts, tyres, iron ore and garments. We seek Indian investments, but we are also an emerging investor in India. Slovak companies are building biofuel factory in Uttar Pradesh and railway manufacturing plants in West Bengal. Those joint ventures create in India several thousand jobs. Our business cooperation will by dramatically increased, once comprehensive Free Trade Agreement will be concluded by EU with India.

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Slovakia is a surprisingly wonderful and attractive country, worth exploring. I invite you to travel to Slovakia and you will be amazed by our diverse landscape, diverse the beauty of my country.