Bilateral Trading

An Interaction with K.L. Ganju, o.c.v.c. (cdr.), Consul General (Hy.) Advisor to the Foreign Minister, Union of the Comoros 

India-Comoros Relations

Union of the Comoros is situated in the Indian Ocean at entrance to Mozambique channel between the East African Coast and Madagascar. It consists of four islands and covers an area of 2236 km2.

The Comoros economy is based on farming and export of perfume bearing plants (Ylang-ylang and Jasmine) and spices such as cloves and pepper. Vanilla is also produced in Comoros.

Now coming to bilateral trade between Comoros and India. Comoros imports most of the FMCG items from different countries. Comoros also imports Basmati Rice, steel, cement etc. Comoros has potential for tourism industry and any investment in tourism industry is welcome. Comoros exports cloves to various countries including India. It also exports Vanilla and perfume oil to various countries all over the world which is of very good quality. There are importers in India who import cloves from Comoros. Govt. of India has given preferential customs duty on the number of goods produced in Comoros and may be imported from Comoros.

Comoros also imports garments (Ladies and Gents) in large numbers. ExportersThe  from India can connect to do business in the country.

Union of Comoros is open to foreign direct investment and investors in most of the Sectors.