Beyond the face and the body – Women Power.

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. Women are walking hand in hand in all spheres of life. Balancing work, personal life and still standing tall creating an impression showcasing what women can do. We share a list of some powerful women.

Dr. Blossom Kochhar

Chairperson Blossom Kochhar Group of Companies

1. What hurdles have you faced being what you’re today?

It was difficult to market something that people had no knowledge about. They knew Ayurveda and trusted it but Aromatherapy was a completely new term for them hence the reluctance to buy Aroma magic products. Add one line in the end, but once we started educating them about aromatherapy and its uses, people started using our products and started trusting the brand.

2. One tip that you want to share with the other women to achieve their dreams?

Never get bothered by what others say or feel about you. Always stay focused on your goals and try to achieve them. You will meet people who will try to pull you down, that is when you become even stronger and just move towards your goals.

Chef Madhu Krishnan

Executive Chef- R&D, ITC HOTELS 

1. What hurdles you have faced to achieve what you’re today? 
When I started out over two decades ago as a Chef and Management Trainee with ITC Hotels, the general societal acceptance of women in the male dominated professional kitchens in the country was very low.  In this challenge lay my dream and the biggest opportunity- to break stereotypes that existed not only for myself but for women at large. Over the years my professional journey has been to challenge this societal expectation and encouraged by ITC’s forward thinking approach the number of women in our hotels has increased exponentially in defining roles, changing this stereotype. 
2. A tip you want to share with the other women to achieve their dreams?
If you have a dream, make a blueprint of it. Make the achievement of the dream inclusive. Involve like minded aspirants to support your achievements and in that grow their aspirations as well. Alongside the dream, find a cause that resonates with you. A cause that has the potential to make an impact. Commit to the cause like someone’s life and your own life depends on it.

Sophia Sinha​

Marketing Head Moet Hennessy India

1. What hurdles you have faced achieving what you are today?
Personally and professionally one always faces hurdles. I mean I truly believe in the saying that life is a great equaliser. However, how you handle these impediments is up to you. Some may choose to walk away and choose an easier path and then there are some who stick it out. One of my biggest challenges was working for a majorly male dominant organisation and turning around stereotypes about women in the alco-bev space. I learnt so much about relationship building, grit and determination that it has come in handy all through the rest of my career. Detractors can be your biggest trampoline. 
2. A tip you want to share with the women to achieve their dreams?
Never give up. Ever. Whatever you are doing. Being a housewife or working for someone or doing your own thing. Never give up. If you believe in something just be patient. I truly believe that what’s meant for you will come to you. Sometimes it won’t come the way you expected or wanted it but when it does you will know and usually it’s in hindsight.  So every when you feel you are unable to find your way. Just take a deep breath and remember how you got here. What got you here will get you to the next place. And always make time for yourself. Always.

Aashna Khurana

Director , Karma Lakelands

1. What hurdles you have faced to achieve what you’re today? 

It’s no secret that women have it a little harder in general and there is no escape to sexism. With more awareness and women constantly fighting for there  equal rights my journey has had some ups and downs as well . I have worked in many companies and good for me my bosses have been really good and supportive but you always have colleagues who are old school and think woman can’t do certain things like drive or maths or play certain sports as well.
I have met such people hope they change with evolving times. Today I have a supportive husband who believes and stands by me and pushes me beyond what I believe I can achieve. I am grateful to people around me cause of whom my voice is heard regardless of my gender.

2. A tip you want to share with the other women to achieve their dreams?

Never give up or give in, if we stand together and raise each other up we can achieve anything we like.

Chitra Awasthi

Director of Sales & Marketing at the JW Marriott Mussoorie
  1. What hurdles you have faced to achieve what you’re today?

Being considerate is the first step towards achieving any objective in a working environment. On the cost of repetition but treating everyone as equals would be the best thing any organization or hotel can do. Start giving more responsibilities and accountability of tasks to woman but also praise them post successfully completing a task. Boosting their morale will always help any hotel achieve cent percent across all operations and employee engagement. have been fortunate enough to have worked along with some of the most reputed hospitality brands giving enough and more professional career progression opportunities to women.

2. A tip you want to share with the other women to achieve their dreams?

Glass ceilings are always meant to broken women in every field and hospitality is no less. Yes traditionally a lot of sectors are more favored for the growth of men but we see some exceptional talent now entering and successfully steering the ship in domains that were never thought of before. There is a misconception to this question that women only enter domains that are easily navigated, but my personal experience puts it in a different stead. I see gender diversity spread across all industries and there is just one tip – NEVER STOP HUSTLING. The road might be challenging but what is a journey without some ups & downs. Imagine winning over them and soaring high with success, didn’t you imagine yourself winning alread.

Shilpa Tuteja

Director of Sales, Alila Hotel, Goa

1. What hurdles you have faced to achieve what you’re today?

Hurdles were like stepping stones for me to achieve growth in my career. To start with, I had to first convince my conservative business oriented family to work in the hospitality industry. Then I had to work on gaining confidence to meet and talk to strangers at unknown places. Later in my career, achieving growth at the place of work meant proving my skills and abilities again and again. My family, my colleagues, my bosses and my belief in myself have been my strength to overcome all the hurdles!

2. A tip u want to share with other women to achieve their dreams.

The first step towards achieving ones dream, is to first dream. Dream with open eyes and then work towards fulfilling the dreams. Once you are convinced that you can achieve your dream, you will see and get all the support from your family, friends and colleagues. Lastly, hard work and perseverance are the 2 most important pillars, riding on which you can be rest assured to achieve your dreams. So start dreaming and start dreaming now, and you will find yourself working towards fulfilling it.

Nazma Mamaji

Commercial Director at Hilton Shilim Retreat Estate & Spa, Pune
  1. What hurdles have you faced to achieve what you’re today? 

While the industry that I work for is predominantly male-dominated, I have been blessed to have a smooth journey. My progress has always been defined by my performance and the results that I bring to the table

  1. A tip you want to share with the other women to achieve their dreams?

It is crucial to have the support of your family as the pillar of your career trajectory. What comes second, yet plays a pivotal role in achieving your dreams, is the team that you work with. The above two lay the foundation to shape you and your career’s future.

Anamika Kalsi

Professional Female Martial Art Athlete & Trainer Director of Sanshinkan India, Gurgaon ​

1. What hurdles you have faced being what you’re today? 

No one in my family is into sports, however far and wide I look. That’s a major stumbling block because then no one understands what you do, why you do it, or how difficult it is. Martial arts being such a niche sport in India where the whole country is cricket crazy, is already quite a difficult space to be, but if there is no one in your family who understands the system, or is able to guide you to the right coaches, or pay attention to your fitness or nutrition can be quite a hurdle. 

2. One tip that you want to share with the other women to achieve their dreams.

If you can dream it, you can do it. This is the one tip that I would like to give it to anyone. Having the fire in your belly to dream outrageous dreams, and then follow it up with hard-work, many hours on the mat can help you achieve anything. I have attempted, trained for and won international medals with two kids, so anything is possible, once you set your mind to it.

Neliswa Nkani

Hub Head – MEISEA, South African Tourism

1.What hurdles you have faced to be where you are today?

According to me, the greatest hurdle is fear; cause in the end, it is the only thing that holds us
back. Some risks may be greater than others, but all things that matter usually come at a cost. So, stepaway from fear – be fearless. At the end of the day, fear is nothing but the unknown. Put in the research, the time and the groundwork, and watch solutions emerge! Anything that does not speak is not a challenge.

2. One tip that you want to share with the other women to achieve their dreams?

It is so easy to lose ourselves and our essence, in the daily hustle of life. But this pandemic has taught me to learn to look within – we can only give what we have, so to make an impact on society we must first work on ourselves. Happiness is not too complicated or aspirational, and joy can be found in the smallest of things, if we remain purposeful and positive. Your mind is your only home – so keep feeding it with all things good

Taran Deep

The Founder- Uplifto, Founder-HHC, and Director -Sambandh PR 

1. What hurdles have faced to achieve what you’re today?

I have been in work since the age of 21 and nothing stopped me since then inspite of regressive communities at times around you. Balancing work with a joint family set up and child has been a journey in itself though I would say a beautiful one. A lot of multiskilling makes you dynamic and strong as well especially if you want to be a strong professional and keep your family bonding together and leverage it for your good. 

2. A tip you want to share with the other women to achieve their dreams?

Clarity of your goals is very important as once you have it ,nothing can stop you to achieve it
Be strong and when I say strong ,I mean strong minded and believe me, once your inner software is strong, you can create dynamism in whatever you do.

Gunjan Malhotra

Director, Komaki Electric Vehicle Division

1.What hurdles you have faced being what you’re today? 

We’ve faced our fair share of challenges in terms of getting the certifications, establishing top-notch R&D facilities, and raising awareness about the importance of e-vehicles in today’s time, when air pollution has become a major concern. Thankfully, with dedication and hard work, we have overcome them. Komaki Electric Vehicle was born in 2016 with the motive to revolutionize the e-vehicle industry. With almost 4 years in the Industry, We have created a range of 9 low-speed models and 3 high-speed registration models, and more than 200 dealerships in India. It has been a great journey and a woman’s perspective in the mix has speeded things up. From design to production to quality testing processes, I have kept myself involved to ensure that our customers get nothing but the best.  

2. One tip that you want to share with the other women to achieve their dreams?

Hard work and an unwavering commitment to your goals is the way to go. I may sound biased but I believe that women are more intuitive. Given the right direction, women entrepreneurs can change the world. The road to success is never easy, but if you have the will to persevere, success will eventually find you.

Lubaina Sheerazi

CEO BRANDit, (Travel representation firm)
  1. What hurdles have you faced being what you are today?

    Fortunately, I have never faced any biases or extreme challenging situations. However, if there is one thing to share, it would have to be about creating work life balance. It is easier to preach but hard to practice. But we constantly work towards achieving it. Trade-offs are inevitable, though. Having said this, juggling various roles is also very gratifying and has given me a wider perspective in life and broadened skill sets.

  2.  One tip that you want to share with other women who want to achieve their dreams?
    Work hard, focus on your goals and stay committed.

Kavita Ghai

Head – Marketing, The MetropolitanHotel & Spa

1. What hurdles you have faced to achieve what you’re today?

Over the last 15 years in my work, I feel I have had the joy of working with all sorts of amazing and successful people. While working with them, I have learnt how to overcome working challenges, how to build trust and collaboration, how to prioritize, be mindful of energy drains, letting go of the small stuff, and much more, all this paved my way to stronger connections and better productivity. It helped me in evolving my personality, my approach towards situations and giving the best. While working, there are bound to be issues and challenges that come up, but when you’re clear on what your core values and purpose are, then it’s easier to move forward in a good way and serve the greater good.

2. A tip you want to share with the other women to achieve their dreams?

Working women has to perform various roles from colleague to coach to boss to mother to wife, sister etc, I feel it is important to find greater balance between the different facets of our lives, this will allow us to do our best in achieving fulfilling career. Remain true to your values and gifts, know how to best utilize the natural gifts, talents and genius that you uniquely have to express in the world through your work. This would lead to less stress, you would honor yourself and your spirit more in all that you think, say, and do in each day, which would definitely lead to a thriving career.

Komal Seth

Founder of a travel representation & PR Company, Linkin Reps.
  1. What hurdles you’ve faced to achieve where you’re today?

Hurdles were many but hurdles did not ever stop me. From extending our bank limits to trusting your gut for the righteous decision. All of these were part of the climbing up process. I feel the greatest glory lies not in winning but rising every time you fall.  My young age and being a female sometimes worked against the traditional protocol of white hair boss or a pot belly leader.

2. A tip you want to share with the other women to achieve their dreams?

Women have the power to wear many hats and wear them all gracefully. I think womnen are not being fair on themselves by comparing themselves with men. They are far superior and multi facet. Always feel confident. Dress very well and have no excuse for not having a smle on your face. Also bulid a close knit circle of ppl who  only want to put you hiher. Who up your game. Positivity with the right attitude solves if not all but many problems.

Monalika Sanjay Bhatiya​

Director, One Earth Hotels

1. What hurdles you have faced to achieve what you’re today? 
We started with One Earth Hotels, from Agra, which was a big failure, and we fell flat on our faces having lost all our life savings. My husband and also my best friend didn’t let me break and together we didn’t let our passion die. “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. We came out stronger from this crisis. We caressed our wounds giving them time to heal at the same time we nurtured our dream and also our brand. We started again from ground zero and launched another hotel in Mussoorie, but this time we were armed with the learnings from our past failures & experiences. We tried to strengthen our weak spots. What started as a failure ended up being our biggest success.  Now after 6 years of endless struggle and dedication, we are operating in 7 locations with 200 keys and are much stronger than what we were 6 years ago.
2. A tip you want to share with the other women to achieve their dreams?
If you want to develop a career in the hospitality industry, go for it. It’s ideal place for women, as women are natural caregivers. We inherit qualities that are now being taught to men to develop. We are naturally flexible and have unparalleled organizational & managerial skills. Don’t hesitate to ask for support when needed, experiment where you can take chances, and don’t be afraid to take risks. Embrace your strength, be passionate about what you are doing, trust your inner gut feeling and go for it, success will be with you. 
My key to Success : Everyone makes mistakes, so did we. Learn from mistake and Don’t Give up. 

Mamoni Mondal

HR & Administration Manager, St Laurn The Spiritual Resort Shird

1.What hurdles you have faced to achieve what you’re today?

Being a woman in India is not easy. When in the early days, I have faced the issues of gender discrimination in working place. Women are not considered equal to men. Where either I was not considered as eligible as males or I was harassed by seniors with unfulfillable demands.

2. A tip you want to share with the other women to achieve their dreams?

To be brave! It’s not a comfortable world for dreamers and your dreams. Never give up on pursuing your dreams! Following your own dream is very challenging for every single person talented and passionate.  I believe that we have the power to transform our dreams into reality. And, we are responsible and accountable to greenlight ourselves. Discovering your unique superpowers and using them to make incredible your dreams! We are all magnetically different from each other. This is the magic of every Woman.