Fiji Tourism Exchange 2024

The Fiji Tourism Exchange 2024, a key event in the South Pacific tourism calendar, gathered global industry stakeholders to explore Fiji’s unique tourism offerings and establish business relationships. Hon. Viliame Gavoka, Acting Prime Minister and Minister for Tourism and Civil Aviation highlighted the significant role of tourism in Fiji’s economy and expressed gratitude to all attendees.

“Tourism remains a cornerstone of Fiji’s economy, and the Fiji Tourism Exchange serves as a prime platform to showcase our rich culture, traditions, and amazing natural wonders to the world. It’s heart-warming to witness such an overwhelming turnout, with even greater enthusiasm than last year, boasting participation from over 125 buyers, 80 sellers, and representatives from 19 international media outlets, we have over 4,000 meetings scheduled! We’re building upon the success of last year, and the momentum is palpable,” remarked the Hon. Minister.

The Minister of Tourism Fiji announced developments in property, including resort expansions and innovative hospitality ventures, highlighting growth in the tourism sector. Tourism Fiji CEO Brent Hill expressed optimism about the Fiji Tourism Exchange 2024, highlighting the country’s strong tourism industry and readiness for further growth. The event aims to facilitate meaningful engagement and partnerships. Brent Hill announced the ‘If You Can’t Bin It, Bag It’ campaign at the Fiji Tourism Exchange 2024 promoting responsible practices, self-awareness, and behaviour change to preserve Fiji’s natural beauty and encourages individuals to take responsibility for waste management and temporarily store rubbish.

The Fijian Tourism Expo 2024 is expected to draw more than 550 delegates including international buyers, tour operators, and media representatives from all over the world. The agenda is packed with workshops, seminars, media updates, and priceless networking opportunities.