EgyptAir expands Cairo-Delhi Daily Flights

EgyptAir plans to expand its Cairo-New Delhi service to daily flights, following the successful launch of the route in August. This move comes after Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Egypt, strengthening ties and promoting travel and cultural exchange. EgyptAir operates the Cairo-Delhi route using modern Airbus A320neo aircraft and six Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners. 

The fleet reduces fuel consumption by 20% and emissions by 60%, reflecting EgyptAir‘s commitment to sustainability. EgyptAir, Africa’s oldest carrier, celebrates its 92nd anniversary, aligning with the Ministry of Civil Aviation’s directives to improve connectivity through Cairo’s hub.

“Since the launch of the direct flight last year, we have witnessed a notable increase in travel, business, and cultural exchanges between Egypt and India. This move to daily flights is set to further augment these ties,” said Amr Aly, Country Manager, EgyptAir. “To express our appreciation to our trade partners and esteemed customers, EgyptAir will introduce exciting initiatives and promotions, including special fares and enhanced onboard services. We are committed to ensuring an unforgettable travel experience for our passengers as we embark on the next phase of our remarkable journey,” Aly added.