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Fio Cookhouse & Bar – A Rustic Dining Experience.

Looking for an escape for a great meal with a set up of lush greenery. Fio – Cookhouse & Bar which can take you into a world of rustic elegance with a twist of modern zest. It is the epitome of romanticism in the beautiful natural surroundings with exquisite décor.

The restaurant has the perfect setting to celebrate any special occasion. Located in Epicuria Nehru Place, serves as an idyllic place for hosting corporate lunches, a date with your beloved, getting together with your friends, and celebrations with your family.

 The evenings at Fio are totally different, it has a delightful ambiance with dim lights and live music flowing in the air. The seating outside gives a whole different aura to the place. Here, you can have the perfect pictures clicked for your Instagram. The open area outside tends to make you believe that you are somewhere near the beach and perhaps not in Delhi.  

Fio is known for its huge-sized pizzas, homegrown herbs, and home-baked loaves of bread. The presentation of food is as good as its taste. It has a wide variety of Italian, and European delicacies and juxtaposed contemporary Indian choices of dishes too. One can choose from thin crusts, 13-inch large pizzas, grilled prawns, tandoori chicken, flavourful kinds of pasta, and much more. The desserts at Fio are a must-try, especially the chocolate orange pudding. 

The service is prompt and impeccable. They will surely make your visit memorable.