Wild Life


Our first day at Mauritius started by visiting the enchanting Frederica Nature Reserve. It is indeed a heaven on earth. We started from out Hotel Heritage Le Telfair on a 4×4

(open car) which was full of enthusiasm of upcoming fun. 

I have recorded this special small video for all of you to feel the experience of being here.


Between the infinite blue of the Indian Ocean & the emerald green endemic forests of the south lies Frederica Nature Reserve.

It is vast in some 1,300 hectares of pristine vegetation & breathtaking views. We had lush greenery all around us with various colours & shades of green. I felt a chill going in my spine as we were going deeper & deeper in Frederica.
Nested in the domaine de Bel Ombre, Frederica invites you to reconnect with nature while exploring the many treasures of the Mauritian biodiversity. It is only nature around you; blue skies, clear white waters, bamboos making a unique sound when wind passes through them. 
One thing which I really liked is that the Reserve has made some artificial nests for the birds to lay their eggs. These are really unique. They are deeper in lengh & has a black leather covering it. It is deeper to protect the bird’s eggs laid in the nests from monkeys & other animals who can attack the eggs by putting their hands in but after a point, the hand will not go deeper. The covering with black is given because the birds like it dark. 

Rich Heritage-
It is spread in 1,300 hectares of land that composes the reserve. It is full of wild virginal landscapes, one is beautiful than the other. From sugarcane fields on the coastline to higher lands wrapped in their green coat & valleys drenched by enchanting waterfalls & streams.It is a dream turned into a living reality. You can view Java deer gracefully parade in vast lower plains; the upper wetlands shelter a great no. of rare plants & birds. 
It is full of life. You can hear the melody of the birds singing various tunes of music. If you are fortunate enough, you may witness Mauritius Black Bulbul or the Echo Parakeet, saved in the brink of extinction by the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation.
The nature here reserves the Mauritius unique biodiversity. Visitors are invited to commune with nature as they break through the luxuriant vegetation & come close to the hidden beauties. Frederica offers various activities for visitors to delve into timeless natural landscape. 
Powerful, swift & comfortable, quad bikes & buggies are ideal for adventurous & thrill seeking visitors.
One can do the comprehensive 2 hour’s tour of the Reserve, indulging in the rich diversity of sites & panoramas. You can choose from- Dalsing & Sentier Goyaves. So, plan your trip to Mauritius & Frederica Nature Reserve is a must visit.

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