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I have tasted “Crocodile meat” in Mauritius.Yes, you read it right, that I tasted a 
“Crocodile meat” in La Vanille Nature Park”.


Are you inquisitive to know about the animal kingdom; do you want to go behind the scenes of a zoological park? Do you want to discover what happens ‘off-exhibit’? Do you want to try some food delicacies? The food which you will remember all your life?
Come and discover La Vanille Nature Park, (estb. 1985) nestled in the wild South of Mauritius which more than any other part of the island, has retained its authenticity.
Check out this video to get an insight of the park with Crocodiles.
La Vanille invites you to enjoy the unforgettable experience of walking amongst the largest group of captive-bred giant Aldabra tortoises in the world. There are more than 1000 tortoises in the park, in addition to 2000 captive bred Nile Crocodiles. The tortoises are around you in the open. You can also feed them with your hands on the green plants they eat. I did try doing this & enjoyed. It is a very nice feeling giving you goosebumps as the tortoises comes to you from all side.

Uncountable Tortoises

Feeding the Tortoise

Tortoises eating their Food


Rendezvous with the Tortoise


There is a unique restaurant to be discovered called “Le crocodile Affame” meaning hungry crocodile. The chef awaits you with his selection of delicacies. Now, you will ask me what makes it unique? One of the specialty here is a palm salad. This is very healthy & yummy to taste. They are grown here extensively & loved by all.

Palm Salad

Edible Palm

Now, coming to the most important answer, is it’s outstanding menu. Besides the Mauritian cuisine, you can order the most delicate- crocodile meat. Various dishes are made here using crocodile meat; burger, tikka, sizzler etc are commonly served in the restaurant.

Menu at the Restaurant

It gave me a shiver when I learnt that they serve crocodile meat here & suddenly my mind had thousands of questions to which I was looking for answers. I asked my guide if it is safe to eat? Does it have any germs or it is poisonous to eat? He replied with a smile, “ it is well cleaned & very safe to eat”. My meal was a chicken platter though but I was tempted to try the “crocodile meat”

Juice at the Restaurant

Chicken Platter at the Restaurant

Restaurant at La Vanille 


Ice Cream with a pie at the La Vanille Restaurant

With a little reluctance, I tried my hand on the crocodile tikka. It was indeed a delicacy to try the meat. It tasted exactly like chicken. His reply made me pick up another small piece of this delicacy as I relished it. 

Crocodile Tikka at La Vanille 

Crocodile Tikka at the La Vanille 

There are a variety of other animals including monkeys, iguanas, bats, deer, geckos, eels, wild boar and more for even the children to enjoy. They can treasure the intense moments of interaction with the farm animals. The kids will love their interaction with monkeys while feeding them from a distance, enjoying pony rides, playing with goats & sheeps, cuddling with rabbits. They will treasure every minute spend here.

Monkey in the cage

Baby Crocodile


Me enjoying with the Iguana

There is so much to explore and recharge your batteries in the heart of the rainforest valley. Don’t forget to try your platter of “crocodile meat”at La Vanille Nature Park” when in Mauritius.
P.S.- This was an invite from Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority.
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