After enjoying the local Caci Dance which I have written about, in my last Blog, we were also lucky to witness the Tiring Mawo Dance & “Rangkuk Alu” or “Bamboo Dance”. They are cultural dance performances of women at West Manggarai region in Flores; Indonesia.  The vibrant cultural dance performance of women at West Manggarai region in Flores; Indonesia. 

Tiring Mawo Dance
Look at the pictures below, they are so beautiful! The dance is originally performed by the girl’s or women’s activities at home, especially when pounding rice mortar using an Alu (a kind of hard wooden stick). Pounding the rice in mortar makes a special tingling sound.They keep humming there local music making the entire performance very interesting. These girls are dressed up colorfully in their traditional dresses. In former times, it was performed by women or girls under full moon yard post dinner & it used to last until everyone was tired. We watched & cherishing every moment of it. 
“Rangkuk Alu” or “Tetek Alu”
In this dance, there are two groups; one group sits on the floor with bamboo sticks in hand, playing the sticks for the dancers as per the dance rules. The other group, dances in the bamboo holes according to the music. The rhythm sound made by their sticks were very pleasing to ears. The entire performance is worth a watch. It was like a magnet; even attracting us too, to participate into the dance. Post dance, the villagers display coffee packets & their traditional stoles for the visitors to buy. This help the local villagers to earn money.
We all enjoyed being a part of the traditional performances & have carried some good memories back with us.

P.S.- This trip to Bali & Flores was an Invite from Visit Indonesia Tourism Organisation.

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