A Getaway close to Delhi

As they say…sands of time wait for none…we too (myself accompanied by my parents) decided not to languish about the weather in Delhi and decided to take a weekend break, close to Delhi. This time our stop was the outskirts of the Pink City-Jaipur….Lebua Lodge, near Amer Fort.

Our journey began on a sunny and fresh Saturday morning at 0530 hrs, as we wanted to reach our destination before noon. Sure enough, we reached Amer Fort by 1100 hrs, with an occasional snack and tea break.

However, reaching Lebua Lodge was not very comfortable owing to the lack of sign boards and the poorly maintained road.

The hotel staff was forthcoming in guiding us. The directions took us through a forest like a trail (which had us anxious). Throughout the trail, not a soul was seen and we began to doubt our decision of choosing the destination.

All our doubts and fears were put to rest when we reached the main entrance of Lebua Lodge. The welcome with sweet tangy aam papar and chatpata churan had definitely taken our expectation levels a notch higher.

If surroundings were anything to go by, then the nomadic geometrical tents had us anticipating about our rooms.

The tented destination was a total surprise, as was the fragrance that wafted through the reception when we entered. The aroma transported us to a different era…with the background so majestic and enthralling, it was truly magnificent!

Post check-in we were escorted to our luxury tents, which were extraordinarily designed. The prominent feature in the room was the lavish bathroom with top of the class toiletries. But the true element of surprise was the low levelled bath tub, with a window overseeing the rocky mountainous terrain. Indulgence in the lap of luxury…absolutely!

The rooms along with the bathrooms were tastefully done and no stone was left unturned while maintaining the same. The patio in front of the rooms had a small sitting area with ever so comfortable couches and lawns. It was this oneness with nature that had me wondering about the Aravallis, a testament to the valiant history this land had witnessed.

The outdoors at the Lodge need a special mention, as it was this very setup which gave the Lebua Lodge its essence… an amalgamation of the new with old.

The windy weather with a little sunshine perfectly added to the ambience. To top it up…the glistening pool was alluring with a perfect temperature for a swim. Surrendering to temptation proved therapeutic, as the coolness of water dissipated all the fatigue and had me refreshed and rejuvenated.

A unique and distinctive feature worth mentioning is the dining place…located right in the midst of the pool! Now that was truly innovative. On a hot day, an evening surrounded by the pool with the cool breeze blowing over the water, under the stars would be a perfect romantic setting. Alternatively, for a relaxed evening, a chilled beer in this setting would be splendid.

Post relaxation we indulged in some retail therapy in the nearest market (about 7-8 kms from our location) where I picked up local stuff as souvenirs. As true shoppers, we lost all track of time and only realised the fix we got ourselves into when we started our return journey to the Lodge. Anxious and edgy, all kinds of thoughts raced through our minds while driving through the 2 kms lonely stretch.  The sight of the big British Gate at the end was most comforting. Upon reaching our Lodge, we realised how hungry we were and quickly dug into the scrumptious dinner.

The night with dimly lit lamps outside every tent changed the milieu at Lebua Loge. It was magical and romantic.

The next morning we woke up to a melodious chirping of birds and lush greenery which infused us with a new energy. The lavish spread of breakfast ranging from Rajasthani, Indian to Continental cuisine was truly befitting the royalty. Having enjoyed our stay in a place away from the city life (if only momentarily), we were now ready to head back to reality…Delhi.

For the discerning traveller, looking for a short getaway with a penchant for history and royalty, the Lebua Lodge definitely is befitting. With a pool to cool, open space and camel rides, the kids too will have a good time.

The Lebua Lodge is an excellent place to spend some quality time in harmony with history and modernity. We look forward to visiting this place again and again.


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