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Jingling all the way in Golan Heights!

Holy Land Santa was filmed in Golan Heights.

The official Ambassador of the Holy Land Santa, Issa Anis Kassissieh has filmed his Christmas greetings video in the Golan Heights, Northern Israel. This has been done with the assistance of the Israel Ministry of Tourism and the Golan Economic Society’s Tourism Division. This video will be distributed worldwide during Christmas. 

Golan Heights has beautiful holy sites and breathtaking views of the Galilee Sea which plays the perfect backdrop for the video. The area has a unique topography consisting of rivers, water sources, orchards, and vineyards, etc. This scenic topography made Issa shoot the video here.

The filming starts at sunrise on a kayak in the Jordan River, by a stroll through the citrus and almond orchards typical of the Golan landscapes. Santa also met up with four-time British Tour de France winner Chris Froome and fellow team members of the Israel Start-up Nation Professional Cycling Team, who are currently touring Israel. The day was ended at the Kursi National Park, the biblical site of the Miracle of the (Gadarene) Swine.