Prideful Experiences of Travel

The Queer Way of Seeing the Society

Every year in June, people worldwide parade through the streets of various cities to celebrate the shades of love and the existence of ‘Queer’. LGBTQ is much celebrated to portray the price of love won by people who have overcome the oppressions, struggles, and challenges bounded by normative societies. LGBTQ is an umbrella term to define anyone and everyone who can be called Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, or Transgender.

Culture & History

The LGBTQ community and individuals remain targets for hate violence and backlash around the world. The community gained recognition as LGBTQ or Queer since they started to question the authorities, where homosexual activities or deviance from designated gender roles/roles were banned by the law or traditional values. The recognition was only achieved with the gradual awareness of the medical studies and research conducted to consider the people as L G B T Q. However, the struggle lasted 150 years from the 1870s to today, a number of leaders, activists, and organizers played a major role in transforming the lives of the people. They addressed the issues of gay men, women identifying as lesbians, and others as nonbinary or gender variant, making the people believe that being a ‘queer’ is normal and hold equal status in society.


The fashion industry has always been associated with queer people, from designers to makeup artists to hairstylists. It has a timeline that shares the gaining momentum of social reform. It is a gradual yet powerful revolution that broke the stereotypical concepts related to homosexuality and make way for a more ‘normal’ and approved by the set norms of the society. In a country like India which is diversified in terms of regions, culture, and belief system, fashion has set to break prejudices that were considered negative within the society. Fashion Illuminates and reshapes the gender-based norms by models walking on the runway wearing man skirts with vibrant colors and detailed embroidered work which was only seen worn by females earlier. Fashion is the guiding light for the queer community that has inspired many souls and has uplifted the vision of freedom of expression for everyone. Fashion brands are now focusing on gender-neutral clothing which will be limitless and unjudged by the conventional clothing rules.


Searching for a destination, when planning to travel with your partner belonging to a community that was often seen as illegitimate by the society, is a task. Now, there are a lot of go-to destinations for gay couples that are supportive and offer a variety of options for stays. Here is a list of places that are considered ‘Gay-Friendly’ and welcomes with a warm heart.

LGBTQ Friendly destination


It is India’s prime destination that welcomes travellers, irrespective of their sexual status with warm hospitality. Travelers can freely wander into the quietness of the place with their partners, holding hands and walking along the shore. There’s so much to experience in Goa that will make your journey full of fun and excitement alongside unforgettable memories.


It is one of the coolest destinations to chill out with your loved ones. It has a very happening hippie night, positive atmosphere, and pleasant weather, making your travel lovely. There are various options to spend your time with your partner. One can enjoy adventurous activities, like paintball, trekking to the Sinhaghad Fort, Go Karting, etc.


Delhi is considered the heart of India, and travelling to Delhi is not just about visiting the tourist spots but exploring the depth of the city, with a heart that doesn’t see any inequalities. It is one of the most queer-friendly destinations for couples to enjoy the pleasant attractions and the ancient history of the place.


Enjoy with your partner in the lapse of nature. Kerala is one of the destinations that offer amazing experiences for gay couples. People in Kerala are open-minded and warm-hearted. From the backwater to boat rides, ayurvedic spas, and massages, Kerala awaits you with your beloved to make your holidays perfect.


Bangalore is well known as one of the most LGBTQ-friendly cities in India. The city curates the best Pride event that one can experience on a large scale every year. This place has a lot to offer from Pyramid Valley to Bridge Road and Butterfly Park. There are many attractions that one can enjoy with their gay partner