The First AI Travel & Hospitality Influencer Designed by Cenizaro Hotels & Resorts

Cenizaro Hotels and Resorts and BRACAI are thrilled to announce the arrival of SENA Z., a pioneering AI influencer who marks a new era in the travel and hospitality industries. 

SENA Z., who aligns with the global hospitality brand’s essential ideals, promises to enrich the digital travel realm with a more deeply cultural story, giving her admirers with unusual travel insights, meticulous the location exploration, and sustainable travel ideas utilizing digital influence to showcase its global portfolio and engage audiences through cutting-edge technologies and inspiring adventures.

SENA Z. is a global travel companion, partnering with tourism boards and travel organizations to showcase hospitality and rich cultures. Her content focuses on six core pillars: culture, nature, adventure, sustainable travel, wellness, and tips. She showcases local traditions, festivals, and crafts, and encourages followers to explore the world around them and aims to inspire followers to explore the world.

“SENA Z. is about bridging tech with our love for exploration”, says Liza Quddoos, Director of Corporate Communications at Cenizaro. “She shows us how digital and human elements can enhance each other’s existence, enriching life rather than replacing our experiences.”

Finn C. Arctander, Founder of BRACAI, shares, “Working with Cenizaro to develop SENA Z. has been an amazing experience. Her story is deeply rooted in family, culture and adventure. SENA Z.’s existence celebrates those who are curious, aware, and brave.”