Jordan : Blend of Ancient Exploration with Leisurely Pursuits

Jordan, known for its diverse landscapes, historical landmarks, and vibrant urban life, is a popular tourist destination offering a variety of activities, including ancient exploration, leisurely pursuits, and adventure. With a beautiful climate, including eight months of sunlight, it offers authentic experiences for families.

The Jordan Archaeological Museum and the Jordan Folklore Museum are both significant cultural institutions in Jordan, showcasing the country’s rich history and culture through its rich collection of antiquities and traditional costumes. 

The Museum of Popular Traditions showcases traditional costumes, embroidery, and antique jewelry, while the Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts showcases contemporary Jordanian and international artists, promoting cultural diversity and art from the Islamic and developing world. Martyr’s Memorial in Sports City showcases military history from 1916 to present day. 

The Hejaz Railway, a heritage milestone in Jordan, is connected to the Great Arab Revolt and served as King Abdullah I’s official headquarters in Ma’an city.

Downtown Amman offers a vibrant and diverse experience with its vibrant colors, aromas, and crowds. Visit the Citadel, Roman Theatre, museums, souvenir shops, cafes, and restaurants for a true Amman experience.