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The must-try premium coffee brands in India

A Coffee a day keeps the Grumpy away!

Coffee is a popular beverage in India and has steeped in our culture for a long time. It has a many benefits, from being a primary source of antioxidants, to distressing the mood and making the brain healthier, and even reducing the risk of diabetes.

Are you a coffee lover? How do you like to brew your coffee hot or cold? With these tough times prevailing with lockdown why not order your favourite caffeine at home. Brew and sip it whenever you want. We share with you the must try DIY premium coffee brands in India. 

Blue Tokai Coffee

The mission of Blue Tokai is to introduce the great tasting roasted beans coffee to the customer with easy access from the café’s and website. A variety of choices of products are offered to the customers which can be easily made with no efforts and in no time. They have Easy Pour coffee bags – Seethargundu Estate which has a filter, easily placed on the cup using the side anchors to hold it in place. Slowly fill the filter two to three times to make yourself great-tasting coffee, without any compromise on quality!
They also have Cold Brew Bags – Cold Brew Blend – Bold to make flavourful coffee steep the inner Cold Brew Bag in 500ml of water either in the fridge or at room temperature for 14-18 hours. Unlike hot coffees, Cold Brew relies on the gentle workings of time, as opposed to temperature, so enjoy your cup of coffee at the ease.

The Coffee Co

The Coffee Co gives the utmost importance to consistency, no matter the weather, crop or changes in the brewing methods. This coffee promises the perfect kick at the start of your morning. Their shade-grown coffee comes from the misty hills of Chikmangloor, carefully handpicked from century-old plantations. After 20+ years of caffeinating the best cafes around the country, they’ve brought their speciality blends to you with utmost humility, genuineness, and consistency – you can always expect your special cup of coffee or as they like to call it, One True Cup!! Amongst the rest of their other coffees , Rea- is a very popular coffee. It is delicately balanced medium-dark blend of Arabica and Robusta beans. The hint of robusta adds the right amount of intensity to your cup while the pure Arabica beans deliver the balance needed to brew the perfect espresso. Then, Coffee Co’s Morning Dew is a must-try which is
crafted from 100% Arabica beans and is light-bodied, low on acidity. Perfect for espresso lovers as it’s taste lingers on your palate long after you’ve had your last sip.

Country Bean

Country Bean provides a café like an experience directly to the consumers at home. It is the very first flavored coffee brand from India providing a variety to customers from hazelnut lattes, caramel frappes, mint mochas, and many more. Country beans’ mission is to give the highest quality coffee with flavourful love to help the people experience joy in life’s simple pleasures one cup at a time. Slow down, relax and savor the moment and enjoy that cup of coffee!


Bevzilla is unlike the regular coffees. These cubical delights are wrapped with power-packed flavors along with nourishments of vitamin, iron, and calcium, made from hand-picked coffee from the mountains of Karnataka. It has the incense of pure Arabica with true nourishment of date, palm and jaggery for a conscious substitute with only 27 calories for a stress-free sip of goodness in just 30 secs of a stir. Indulge in the subtle flavors of Classic, Vanilla, Belgian Chocolate, Irish Cream, and Hazelnut to accommodate every mood. Sit back and relish the wafting comfort of Bevzilla’s range of premium-quality organic coffees with a taste that stays with you.

Sleepy Owl Coffee

Sleepy Owl creates innovative products that simplify the home- brewing process, without the use of any equipment. The Cold Brew Packs and Hot Brew Bags are made with 100% Arabica Coffee beans sourced from farms in southern India. The 3-step brews are preservative and sugar-free, and completely customizable as per taste.  Sleepy Owl also have ready-to-drink iced coffee which is made with a cold brew base, real milk, and (a little) sugar with no artificial flavors or preservatives and has a shelf-life of 6 months. The bottles are shipped across India in break-proof, plastic-free packaging. Their packaging is done in sustain packs which are made with paper, aluminium, and absolutely no plastic at all. This makes them just as strong while being a lot nicer for the planet.