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Unveiling a lavish property in Rajasthan

Brij Hotels, announce the opening of the Brij Gaj Kesri in Bikaner. This is the group’s fourth hotel in Rajasthan, and sixth across India. This red sandstone property bears witness to the famed Marwari patronage of art and architecture, and it houses a selected collection of precious artifacts and artworks across its wide interiors. The hotel’s style is a harmonic blend of European and Rajasthani elements, mixing modest elegance with regal flourishes.

The hotel has many facilities like 40 spacious rooms, a vegetarian restaurant called ‘Polki,’ several lounge areas, a library, a spa, an outdoor pool, distinctive dining spaces, and many more. For people who would like to go for a destination wedding, this is an ideal place to celebrate your grand day.

Commenting on the launch, Udit Kumar, Co-founder, Brij Hotels said, ‘We are excited to announce that Brij Gaj Kesri, Bikaner is now open, and we are welcoming guests at this new addition to our growing portfolio. Bikaner as a destination has a rich history and culture where guests can choose to indulge in varied immersive experiences. Acquainting them with the food, arts, culture and places of historic significance in this beautiful city. This unique property fills the space in the Brij Hotels for large events since we anticipate a demand for MICE travel and year-round social events for 2023. Brij Gaj Kesri, offering so many venues and capacity options, is perfect to host these celebrations and events with great grandeur.’

Bikaner, the state’s fourth biggest city, provides an unparalleled glimpse into the royal lifestyle. It is well-known for its sand dunes, forts, and castles. It is famed for its spicy Bhujiya and spice market. Bikaner is famed for its camel farm, which conducts an annual camel festival. Bikaner’s alleyways and bazaars are teeming with native art and craft, like as carpet weaving, tiny paintings and carvings, and beautiful masonry.