Visit the Arctic in Winters and Discover the Unheard

A visit to the Arctic, the northernmost point on earth can offer guests a very unique travel experience. Home to white polar bear, arctic foxes, walruses, whales, etc. The polar region will not let down its guests. Apart from snorkelling, dog sledding, whale sightings and snowmobiling the destination also has many other activities. We give you an exclusive list of things to do when in the Arctic region.

The best way to explore the Arctic in Norway is travelling by train. The voyage serves to be very convenient and at the same time does not fail to amaze the guest by taking them through the eye-pleasing snow-covered mountains, forests, and fjords. The breathtaking trail is one of the best rail routes in winter.

When on a trip to the winter wonderland of Russia, one can experience a stay with the Nenets, the indigenous group of Siberia. The guests can experience the adventures and get to know how the natives face the challenges of the extreme weather.
Sharing meals with them and staying in chums, their large tents, is the way to make your Arctic trip worthwhile.

Ilulissat Ice-fjord, situated in Greenland makes it to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Centre. A bird’s eye view by flight to know the scale of the beautiful enormous ice sculpture is the best way to explore the Fjord. To get a closer look at the gigantic icebergs, hear the sound and feel the cold wind.

Exploring the unique ice caves in Iceland is a must-do activity when in Iceland in winters, the Arctic region. The ice caves you visit can be of two kinds: either formed by the natural phenomena of water running through or under the glacier, or man-made. The picturesque blue caves are a pleasure to the eye and are sure to leave one awe-struck.

Santa Claus has to be one of the favourite characters from everyone’s childhood. The Arctic region of Finland is home to Father Christmas’ village that is known as ‘Santa’s official North Pole residence. The village comprises of Santa chambers, his main post office, the Arctic line that crosses right through the place, a souvenir shop, and a reindeer park.

Come and experience a night in an igloo or a hotel entirely made of ice and snow. It’s once-in-a-lifetime experience that you wouldn’t want to miss. Visit the Ice and Light Village of Kalix. Every year, about 40 artists gather in Jukkasjärvi from around the world and contribute in creating a new edition of Ice hotel.

Tourists visiting Alaska should definitely look out for the incredible ice sculptures in Fairbanks. Fairbanks is known as ‘The Golden Heart of Alaska’. The World Ice Art Championships occur annually in March, in Fairbanks, Alaska. The event is attended by artists from the world over. They chisel and carve away at giant blocks of ice fashioning remarkable creations that sometimes reach 25 feet high. The ice sculptures are carved from Artic Diamond’, which are locally harvested crystal clear huge ice blocks.