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Dig in the Flavours of Mexico

Miss Margarita, a must-visit place to get a flavour of rural Mexico because of its fresh menu, cool but laid-back ambience, and excellent service. When you walk in, one of the first things you notice is how colourful everything is, pretty walls and stylish furnishings to match the design.

Meals are sumptuous and one must dig-in fajitas, tequila prawns, skewers, and mouth-watering tenderloin tacos. It fascinates the palette with a play of flavours and textures. Missing out on Tequila Cocktails like the Barrel Aged Tequila Manhattan, Orange Basil Tequila Smash, and Heaven on Earth would be sinful.

Miss Margarita’s Chef Noah Louis Barnes, who delivers cuisine that pays homage to Mexico’s traditional heritage while also including inventive creations and modern twists. The jewel of the Margarita menu is the Gigante Bull Dog Margarita, a classic lime margarita offered in a one litre glass with two Corona beers. We challenge you to finish just one. They also offer a variety of mouth-watering derserts. If you’re looking to try out a different cuisine and have a gala time, Miss Margarita is the place for you, the restaurant is a breath of fresh air for all the foodies out there. So, go and land up here for a lovely experience.