Women power is incomparable.

Women indulged in the best activities at Delta 105.

“Women are never stronger than when they arm themselves with their weaknesses”. On this women’s day Ministry of tourism India, hosted an event at Delta 105, an army theme park. It forecast the life of soldiers, which gives an insight in the struggles they face while fighting for the country on the borders. We did experience a few activities at Delta 105.

It is adventurous and thrilling, it is not age bound. It has multiple activities not only for children but adults too. The list includes slithering, paint ball, shooting, throwing grenades, crawl-trenching and testing your strength by facing obstacles setup. We indulged in these activities and tested our strength. It gave us andrineline rush.

To sum up, it is a place where anyone can go and have a gala time whether with friends or family. A rough, exciting and thrilling experience awaits you to capture some great memories.