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Zimbabwe: The land of Victoria Falls.

A country with world’s seventh natural wonder, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. The country offers exquisite variety of cuisine portraying the diverse culture of the country. Read below to know more about the country in an interview session with H. E. Dr. Godfrey Majoni Chipare, Ambassador of the Republic of Zimbabwe in India.

What are the two must-visit places in Zimbabwe for a first-time traveller?

Gonarezhou National Park. Gonarezhou National Park is a national park located in South Eastern Zimbabwe The name Gonarezhou is translated from the Shona meaning “The Place of Elephants”.   Owing to its vast size, rugged terrain and its location away from main tourist routes, large tracts of Gonarezhou remain pristine wilderness. It provides a wealth of wildlife-watching opportunities, specifically the Big Five- Elephant, Buffalo, Lion, Rhinocerus and Leopard. 

Victoria Falls ‘Mosi-o-tunya’, ‘The Smoke that Thunders’. Victoria Falls is a waterfall on the Zambezi River and strategically located in Zimbabwe. It is one of the UNESCO /World’s seven natural wonders. A waterfall, 1 708 metres width with five hundred million litres of water per minute roars down the cliff. The Victoria Falls Rainforest rains all day. In the immediacy is Victoria Falls town, a Special Economic Zone in Tourism and Finance, offering luxurious 5-Star hotels and exclusive recreational amenities and is only 18 km from the airport.

Tell us about Gastronomy of Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe’s main dish is made of maizemeal- sadza/Isitshwala. This is taken together with stewed meats, beef, mopani worms- madora/ amathimbi and vegetables or pumpkin leaves. A traditional dish common with rural folk in Zimbabwe would include yellow pumpkin porridge mixed with sun-dried maize – mukan’a/umxhanxa. Peanut and peanuts dishes are common among Zimbabweans as well as maize and beans dishes. In the country, yams are also a popular delicacy. Zimbabwe offers a wide variety of foreign cuisines at its exquisite restaurants to cater for cultural diversities. The country has several Indian restaurants where special and sumptuous vegetarian dishes are available.

Which is your favourite travel destination, except for Zimbabwe?

A UNESCO heritage site in Agra, India, Taj Mahal, a masterpiece of architectural style in conception, treatment and execution, with its unique aesthetic qualities in balance, symmetry and harmonious blending of various elements is the best place to visit. I celebrate love by visiting this globally renowned site, a symbol of eternal love.