Ambassador Interviews

Once the Land of Dinosaurs.

A landlocked country in South Africa, which is well known for its beautiful scenery, snow-capped mountains in winters. Diamonds and hydroelectric power resource are its biggest treasures.  To know more about Lesotho here is a quick chit chat with H. E. Mrs. Lineo Irene Molise-Mabusela, High Commissioner of the Kingdom of Lesotho to India. 

Lesotho was known to be the home of many dinosaurs, and cave dwellers are still found in Lesotho. Tell us about the culture and people of the country.

Basotho and their Culture

Basotho trace their origins to the pre-historic times. This nation has a rich and unique culture of patterned woolen blankets and Seshoeshoe dresses. Basotho are known for their culture of Peace which is embedded in their greeting. Khotso, which means ‘peace’, is a greeting and it welcomes all visitors and also bids them farewell. Basotho’s cultural heritage also places a strong emphasis on traditional music which involves groups singing, chanting and clapping, accompanied by dance. The music heritage includes traditional handmade instruments like Lesiba (a musical instrument made from a small pole, a string and a feather). When played this instrument produces a deep resonant sound. 

Tell us about the three must-do things in the country.

Basotho women pride themselves in their traditional folk art. This includes Beadwork, Tapestry, Weaving of Baskets, mats and The Famous Basotho Hats. 

Second thing to do would be horse riding or hiking along beautiful trails and landscapes like Maletsunyana Falls.

The third thing to do would be to go up North to the AfriSki Mountain Resort. This is one of the best ski resorts in Africa. It is extremely unique with gorgeous slopes for skiing. 

If one’s time in Lesotho is limited, and they are not able to go up to Afriski, there is Maliba Lodge which is located in the pristine Ts’ehlanyane National Park. It is a great opportunity to enjoy a 5-star luxury accommodation in the wilderness.

Tell us about your favourite food and why. 

My favourite food are PapaMoroho and beans. This is the food I grew up eating and is the healthiest choice. This remains my favourite to date.