Ambassador Interviews

The river of painted birds – Uruguay.

Uruguay is a small country in South America that is amongst the most progressive nations in the world.To know more about the insights of the country here is a quick interview with H.E. Mr. Alberto A. Guani, Ambassador of Uruguay to India.

Tell us three must-do things in Uruguay.

Taste the Uruguayan cuisine and wines. Many of our worldwide chefs have made our gastronomy one of our major attractions. Once you are in Uruguay, a stroll through our Rambla in Montevideo is a must. This is a coastline of 42 kilometers where you will find ‘splendorous’ beaches and a walking path. It is incredible, with mesmerising beauty and the warmth of the Uruguayan people. The weather conditions make it more wonderful to enjoy. Thirdly, feel our Culture. Tango, as the music of our country plays a vital role. It was brought by the immigrants. Candombe, the Afro-descendant music came from Africa. Hundreds of writers, painters, poets and sculptures show the beauty of the Spanish architecture displayed in the Western Hemisphere.

Technology is the key to Uruguay. Share your views on this.  

No doubt technology is key to Uruguay. The progress achieved in this area is fundamental to the country. The Montenegro project, which is one computer per child, has been adopted in Uruguay in 2005. This means that every child owns a computer. Not only this, the country also has the fastest speed of data transmission. Companies that work in technology, have adopted Uruguay as their main point of action.Uruguay is well equipped to fulfill the demands of the most demanding companies. The county is a hot spot for the most advanced companies in the world. This also shows how Uruguay is an innovative creator and the biggest exporter of software in South América.

What makes life easy in the country?

Life in the country is easy going. We have almost zero contamination. The air is pure and our respect for nature has made of our country, a ‘natural’ place with clean air and resurging natural forests. We have well kept rivers and lakes. It is a country with three-and-a-half million inhabitants. It is a place where human beings have their unimaginable spot to live in an incredibly clean environment.