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Can you imagine yourself underwater at a depth of 35 meters for 45 minutes with a normal supply of oxygen? How will you feel, watching the underwater life, surrounded by reefs & corals, variety of fishes, a shipwreck, an anchor of a 17th century galleon & much more.
Well, this can all be experienced whilst your visit to this beautiful country, “Mauritius”. You can have fantastic experiences underwater at “Blue Safari Submarine”. 

All thanks to the Invitation which came to me by “Mauritius Tourism Promotion Board” to visit Mauritius. I was lucky to witnessed all; experiencing the most spectacular way of diving on board-a real submarine. This is where we enter the vessel.
My senses were overjoyed. I had a great time here, enjoying my life’s most adventurous moment. I am absolutely speechless to express my experience in words. I feel it is one of the best adventure experiences amongst the rest. The entire activity takes 2 hours from departure to boarding & back. Prior booking is always recommended.
One can opt to ride a subscooter or a submarine to enjoy the marine life. 
I boarded a submarine to witness the underwater world for 45 minutes. It is a small vessel where we all are comfortably seated in an air-conditioned cabin under atmospheric pressure, discovering the splendor of marine & coral life. It can board upto 10 passengers in one go. I kept watching & discovering shoaling & schooling of colourful fishes; shipwreck of the “Star Hope”, corals & much more from my glass window.
Let me introduce you to our Submarine pilot.
A throttle controls your forward speed & you steer the Blue Subscooter underwater almost like an ordinary one. This consists of an airtight capsule which once hermetically sealed allows the pilot & the passengers to enjoy every moment in the water. It is protected by a transparent dome, a panoramic underwater 360 degree view; both are able to breathe normally as the water inside reaches upto the shoulders only. The dive is for about 30 mins, a depth of which is 3 meters offering the opportunity to steer the subscooter’s speed & direction. You are constantly supervised by one of the diver guides.
Thank you Pilot for taking us around underwater, in the Blue Submarine.
What made my day was a certificate of Diving! 
Stay tuned for my separate Blog on Submarine Videos. Coming soon 🙂
Do you want to enjoy a seafood lunch or an exciting wedding ceremony filmed by an underwater cameraman? Yes, this can also be arranged; contact Blue Safari Submarine
From Mont Choisy, North West of the Island.
Daily, every hour from 8.30a.m.-15.30p.m.
2 Hours (45mins below surface)

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