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The Enchanting Argentina!

Argentina is known for its ballet and classical music. It has the most important opera houses in the world. To know more about the country here is an interview with H.E. Dr. Hugo Javier Gobbi, Ambassador of Argentina to India.

 Tell us about any two must-do things that a traveller can do while visiting the country for the first time.

Due to its diversity, Argentina offers some great opportunities for different kinds of tourism. But if someone is travelling there for the first time, I would strongly recommend attending a function of opera, ballet or classical music at the Colón Theatre in Buenos Aires, one of the most important opera houses in the world, and also a football match, since you will able to witness the intense and passionate atmosphere experienced by Argentinians when going to these sporting events.

Argentina and India are home to known mountains in the world, Himalaya in India and Andes in Argentina. Tell us about more similarities that both countries share.

In addition, I would highlight that our countries have vast territories, being included in the list of the largest countries in the world, and both are well known by their astonishing geography, with diversity in climates, wildlife and landscapes, interesting culture, and unique local cuisine.

Which is your favourite destination in the world, besides Argentina?

It is not an easy question, but if I have to choose a favourite destination in the world apart from Argentina, I would say India. Since I arrived in India, I am stunned by its unique diversity, its magnificent architecture, and the intensity of colours and tastes, among other things.