Visit South Korea Solo for a ‘Me Time’

We share a to do list with you to make your trip to South Korea even more exciting.

In keeping with all safety measures and protocols, South Korea has emerged as a safe place to visit post the pandemic. Whether one is seeking to bask in a secluded island, attain inner peace at a Temple stay or shop till you drop. If adventure, relaxation, and a lot of me-time is what you are longing for then, just pack your bags for your vacation.

Enjoy a self-drive road trip

Owing to the current situation, the best way to explore the exotic Jeju Island is to self-drive. Wander along the island’s scenic routes and enjoy a taste of nature at its best. When it comes to car rentals for self-drives, anyone over 21 years of age with an International Driving Permit (IDP), can easily rent a car with local GPS. Seongsan Ilchulbong (Sunrise) PeakManjanggul Cave, and Hallasan National Park are must-see sights in Jeju Island. Additional attractions include forests, waterfalls, and volcanic cones. No matter which part of Jeju you choose to visit, be rest assured to enjoy a secluded, stress-free and relaxing retreat!

Soul Renewal with a Temple stay visit

A Temple stay is a traditional Korean cultural program where you can experience the daily life of a monk in Sansa. To those who are looking to soothe their soul and for a true happiness trip away from their busy lives, can opt for a Temple stay. A selection of program options is offered, ranging from meditation, healing, tea ceremony & crafting, ritual workshops, exploring cultural relics; alongside activities to recharge your mind, body and soul. This experience is sure to give visitors the power to lead a brighter and more positive life.

For the Adventure lovers

Nami Island, South Korea’s top destination located in the quaint southwest of Chuncheon, is a powerhouse of lyrical landscapes, solemn forests of redwoods, ginkgos, and pines, as well as a home to animals such as deers, ostriches, and aquatic birds freely permeating the charming oasis. The Skyline ZipWire is the coolest way to see the island in all its glory. You can also go hiking and camping in Seoraksan National Park; don’t forget to check out noteworthy hiking courses- Biseondae-Madeungryeong course and Biseondae-Cheonbuldong-Daecheonbong Peak course.

Visit Ikseon-dong to explore a mix of modern touch with a traditional twist

Ikseon-dong is a must-visit neighborhood; the maze-like streets offers cafes, restaurants and handicraft shops with unique concepts and designs operated by young artists and entrepreneurs. A few sights that should be part of your itinerary are Ikseon-dong Hanok Village, tea with a view at Kkilook House and Sala Daeng Bangkok which offers Korean remakes of Thai cuisine.

Take a lesson on local Gastronomy

Learn the authentic art of recreating the Korean food. You can opt from various sessions to get a first-hand understanding of K-Food. Leaving you to create unforgettable memories and a safe, solo time. South Korea makes for a vibrant holiday destination for you.