Interview with the Director Tourism, Kenya Tourism Board

Kenya, a country in Eastern Africa bordering the Indian Ocean and Lake Victoria. For safari lovers, one can witness the famous Big Five known as the Lions, the Leopards, the Elephants, and the Rhinos. Kenya’s culture is a way of life that balances tradition with modernity.

We share with you detailed information on this beautiful country, in conversation with John Chirchir, HSC Director of Tourism, Kenya Tourism Board

  1. Kenya is known for being the world’s best safari destination. Tell us about the three must-do things in Kenya.

   There are many things to do in Kenya. We share with you a few of them below.

  • Discover the eighth new wonder of the world: When in Kenya, you can observe the remarkable wildebeest journey at the famed Maasai Mara National Reserve. The balloon safari is an excellent way to cross the wide savannah, get a close-up view of the big five and other abundant animals, and witness the world’s new eighth wonder, the wildebeest migration.
  • Swim with the dolphins: The Kenya coast is a must-see for beach lovers. Take a glass-bottom boat trip to marvel at nature in one of the most diverse marine parks you’ll ever see. Swim with dolphins and afterward, if you’re looking for sun and sand, Kenya has it all: tropical weather, azure sky, and endless silver-white beaches backed by waving palms and quiet lagoons.
  • Visit the world’s park in a city: Nairobi National Park is known for its most authentic safari experience in Kenya and as the most accessible park in the city. An abundance of wildlife experience is up close; they include rhinos, hippos, giraffes, and zebras.

2. Kenya is known for the Big Five and the Great Wildebeest Migration. Tell us about the wildlife of the country. 

Kenya is a country of incredible bio-diversity with various animal species existing in the ecosystems making us one of the world’s renowned wildlife destinations. Due to our geographic diversity, we have over 25 National Parks,18 National Reserves, and over 15 wildlife conservancies with unique wildlife offerings. A safari in Kenya means an up-close interaction with the wildlife in the wild, from the Southern we have the famous Maasai Mara; renowned for the great and spectacular Wildebeest Migration and home to the Big Five.  

3. Ugali is Kenya’snational dish. Tell us about the gastronomy of the country. Do we get Indian food too?

Ugali, a staple food made from corn flour is also common place for Kenyans and worth tasting. It blends well with the Nyama Choma or popular milk called mursiik. Besides Kenyan food, there are many top-notch restaurants that deliver gourmet dishes to cater to varied tastes and preferences that one would not be able to experience anywhere else. There are various international cuisines available in restaurants within our major towns, including Italian, American, Indian, Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Mexican, French, Korean, Thai, Brazilian, Arabic, Swahili, and African dishes among others. Nyama Choma, or grilled beef, is a popular Kenyandish that is cooked in huge portions, sliced into little pieces, and served with vegetable mash and greens. The most often utilized meat is a goat. You could also try the game roasted meat at Carnivore, a famed Nairobi restaurant.

4. The Maasai Tribes are most talked about when we talk about Kenya. Tell you about the culture of the tribes. 

The Maasai are mostly pastoralists who arrived in Kenya via South Sudan and are generally located in the south of the country. They speak Maa and worship a single God known as Enkai in their dialect. The Masai diet is mostly derived from cattle and includes Milk, Meat, Fat, Blood, Honey, and tree bark.